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  1. Forum Donations

    Sorry I missed this, badges added for you two.
  2. No Reaction Icons?

    I was able to put a random reaction to every post here. I don't see any issues either.
  3. Are the Membership records here ever UPDATED?

    I can't speak for how it's done here because I don't have access to the KC roster. But for the gunners, each year before elections I go over all of the members and compare them to their last login date using a DB dump from the forums. If they haven't been online they get removed. Also, the roster will show names in green/red/grey. Green means they are a pending add, red means they no longer have the costume and grey means they are retired. Red and grey are easy to remove without comparing anything to the forum as the member no longer has the costume or has been discharged. Greens need to be compared to the forum DB to see if they even registered(which they very often haven't). GMLs LOVE adding people to the roster without consulting the DL/XO or the people even being in the detachment. It's wrong, annoying and wastes the staff's time having to find and remove these people. So in short, yes they should be compared to the kc activity once a year before elections. However some people fall through the cracks especially on detachments with huge numbers of people. It is most likely a simple mistake and is super easy to fix and isn't the end of the world.
  4. Are the Membership records here ever UPDATED?

    The active members on this website and the "active" members in the roster have absolutely nothing to do with each other in the slightest. The roster is updated each election cycle and anyone who isn't active is removed and can't vote. It doesn't matter if they have access here or not, but yes that technically should be updated and is the responsibility of the DL/XO.
  5. Forum Donations

    Badges have been added. Read the first post for directions for how the get the badge added if you have donated. For everyone who already posted here in the past, the badge has already been added for you all.
  6. New Underworld Detachment

    I have no control over this and personally it doesn't affect me one way or another so I have no opinion. If it affects you and you want them moved have them moved, if you don't want them moved don't have them moved. I am just clearing up any complaints by members here of things unrelated to this that are being blamed on me in regards to the website such as the pictures/designs and stuff and nothing related to this actual new detachment or the moving of characters. I don't want to be blamed (by intention or not) for purposely keeping the design of the site a specific way as to exclude certain characters on purpose. I am just saying it's that way because I can't draw and thus have nothing to change it to. Nobody has ever brought the design up as a complaint before now and it seems that anytime a really sensitive subject like costume detachment changing comes up everyone goes on a witch hunt. I simply want to state I personally have no objections to making any changes to anything on the site as long as the detachment as a whole wants them done. Also, I wasn't venting specifically at you but at everyone as a whole who likes to complain about things like this without realizing that I'm not holding changes like this hostage, it's just because it's never been brought up before or I have asked for help in the past and NOBODY wanted to help and now suddenly it's my fault for not changing it type scenarios.
  7. New Underworld Detachment

    There are not mixed signals here. I literally just told you the site is the way it is because it's always been that way and I don't have the artistic ability to draw new logos myself to replace them so I just kept what was there. I am only supposed to be in charge of keeping the website running( the webmaster is not part of the core detachment staff and isn't responsible for any decisions being made outside of keeping the site running, in fact the webmaster doesn't even need to be part of the detachment officially to be the webmaster), the logos and designs and such are not part of my responsibilities but I'm always up for changing stuff(outside merch which is the MERCH officers responsibility not mine) if the detachment as a whole wants it done. I feel you people are intentionally trying to cause drama here over a topic that wasn't even our idea in the first place yet the detachment is being blamed for this. EDIT: Being attacked for something outside of my control or responsibility is not fair and it happens here on a daily basis. You have no idea how many misdirected complaints I get a day about things I can not help with because it's not within my power per legion/detachment rules.
  8. New Underworld Detachment

    First of all to anyone complaining about the photobucket situation. No, making a new forum won't do anything. EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE on the ENTIRE internet was hit by this. Photobucket changed their user model and now you have to PAY to directly link your images anywhere. This is not something that can be "fixed" or "controlled" by a third party but photobucket only. This is only such a major issue because the 501st has stupidly put all our eggs into one basket and used photobucket almost exclusively for image posting instead of multiple hosts and THAT is why all images are broken now. The only way to fix this is to either pay photobucket to make your images visible or use another image host. Don't complain here about it and there is literally nothing anyone anywhere can do for you. As for complaints about the website theme for tuskens and jawas only, well that's what the detachment was originally for. A new theme/top site logo is always up for debate( the only reason this hasn't changed is because I am not an artist and can't draw to save my life) but suggesting changing the name of the detachment is ludicrous.
  9. What happened to the forums?

    We can't talk about it as it's currently being elevated to a formal hearing with legion command. It was nothing in regards to any of your personal information or anything, if you aren't involved in this process already then you have nothing to worry about.
  10. Like of the Day Winners!

    you don't win anything, I personally think it's a silly system but if people enjoy it I see no reason to get rid of it. Actually, when I was in the database messing with setting it up I set my likes to 123456789 as a joke. Unfortunately people keep giving me likes and periodically i have to set it back or it ends up not making sense like now lol.
  11. The Trading Post Reopened!

    The for sale area known as the "trading post" has been reopened for members. You MUST read and observe the rules HERE before posting there or you risk being removed from the forums.
  12. Forum Donations

    I added that as a currency thanks for the donation
  13. Gaffi head

    Those were made by Todd, I know he has(or had) the blueprints for them on his computer. Just ask him and I'm sure he'll give you it. @PunkRocketScience
  14. It's not an error...  it's your birthday.

    Happy Birthday.  

    May today be error free.

  15. Happy birthday to our KC-Webmaster and greetings to NY!