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  1. Photobucket viewing issues

    Photobucket decided they no longer want to be in business anymore when they decided to charge $400 a year for their garbage service when there are dozens of other better free alternatives. Third party embeds no longer work unless you pay and you will need to move to another image host, simple as that unfortunately.
  2. How to request Jundland Wastes trooping banner

    I think I added the correct one
  3. How to request Jundland Wastes trooping banner

    how many troops do you have as part of that program?
  4. What happened to the forums?

    We can't talk about it as it's currently being elevated to a formal hearing with legion command. It was nothing in regards to any of your personal information or anything, if you aren't involved in this process already then you have nothing to worry about.
  5. Like of the Day Winners!

    you don't win anything, I personally think it's a silly system but if people enjoy it I see no reason to get rid of it. Actually, when I was in the database messing with setting it up I set my likes to 123456789 as a joke. Unfortunately people keep giving me likes and periodically i have to set it back or it ends up not making sense like now lol.
  6. copying/save a pictures

    you can use them as long as your don't sell them
  7. Adding photos

    You shouldn't be uploading anything at all ever. If you read the posts above it explains how to insert a picture that is hosted somewhere else, which is the preferred method. We don't provide support for uploading to the forum, it is enabled as a backup only.
  8. The Trading Post Reopened!

    The for sale area known as the "trading post" has been reopened for members. You MUST read and observe the rules HERE before posting there or you risk being removed from the forums.
  9. Forum Donations

    I added that as a currency thanks for the donation
  10. Gaffi head

    Those were made by Todd, I know he has(or had) the blueprints for them on his computer. Just ask him and I'm sure he'll give you it. @PunkRocketScience
  11. It's not an error...  it's your birthday.

    Happy Birthday.  

    May today be error free.

  12. Happy birthday to our KC-Webmaster and greetings to NY!

  13. Forum Donations

    thank you!
  14. Error Code: 2S160/4

    well that makes sense because it bans by ip address not account name. i'll try and fix it.