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  1. This looks fantastic! Great work. I love the cantina aliens.
  2. Blue Snaggletooth

    Now for the next step. I bought some silver pleather. My idea is to do the structure of the boots the same way, modelling the toes in silicon clay, and then instead of painting in silver, I will cover everything with silver pleather, in a similar way to what is done for the Biker Scout boots. It will be more difficult because the shape of the toes is more complex, but I will give it a try. This is the pleather I bought:
  3. Blue Snaggletooth

    At Star Wars Celebration I had a real blast!! Help! They want to enclose me in a plastic case!
  4. Blue Snaggletooth

    This is what I have used for the costume: Mask: I already have the snivvian mask I use for the red snaggletooth. I am very happy with it, it was custom made for me by an incredible artist in Spain. It is made of platinum silicon and it has real hair. Jumpsuit: It looked impossible to find a commercial jumpsuit close enough to this one to be able to customize it to look like the one of the character. Therefore I ordered it to a local seamstress (I can not sew). Belt: I used the same belt of the red variant, with the characteristic snaggletooth buckle. Boots: the boots are tricky. They are silver and have some strange "toes". I took a pair of working rubber boots and modelled the toes with silicon oogoo. Then I painted them with silver paint. I am not very happy with the result. The seam between the silicon add ons and the boot is very visible, and you can also see the branding marks and other features on the boots. I will re-do them using a different approach. I wanted to take the costume to Celebration Orlando so the boots would have to do for the moment. Here are some pictures of the costume:
  5. This is my project of Blue Snaggletooth. I already have the red version cleared by the 501st: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:BH_Snaggletooth_-_Zutton Snaggletooth was one of my favourite figures as a kid, and when I started collecting vintage as an adult the blue version became my all times favourite. Until the Blue Snaggletooth appeared in the Clone Wars series it was not possible to have it in the 501st, because there were not enough canon material to accept it as a costume, but now it is possible thanks to this. The official name of the character is Morlimor Snugg. More details about the character (non official source) can be found here: http://clonewars.wikia.com/wiki/Morlimur_Snugg I used these pictures as a reference:
  6. Hi, I am already member of the 501st (almost 10 years now!) an already have a snaggletooth costume (red Zutton) but it is considered a bounty hunter in the 501st. Now that he appeared in the Clone Wars series, I think the blue snaggletooth could be eligibke for membership, so I decided to do one. He is some scoundrel that works for Jabba, therefore I think he counts as denizen! I was looking forward to have a DZ. I will open a build thread in the fringe denizens section to show what I already have.