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  1. WTT Krayt members cards

    All mp reply
  2. Hi There, I'm looking for any 501st Krayt members Cards than i'm needed. Get my personnal cards available for trade "10 on total" + some others 501st and many BelgiumFanwars garrison cards available too. Open for patches personnal/garrison/detachement too get some for trade. Thanx Eric
  3. 501st Access Requests

    Requesting 501st access: 7830 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=8436 501st Access Granted
  4. Krayt Clan Members - Europe List

    it's not Belgium garrison but Belgium fanwars Garrison: with 7 DZ. Belgian Garrison:"dutch speaker" belgium Fanwars Garrison: "french speaker" Second logo is my Garrison
  5. How many DZs are in your neighborhood?

    You could add the Belgian Fanwars Garrison: 6 DZ: http://www.fanwars.be/costumes/ You have maybe confused Belgium Garrison and Belgian Fanwars garrison. Belgium garrison don't have DZ i think.
  6. Krayt Clan Members - Europe List

    At the Belgian Fanwars Garrison there are: - Lejeune Sylvie / DZ 9794 / Jawa - Deschrijver Pascal / DZ 9497 / Tusken - Lerou Guy - Tusken 7640 tusken - Lerou Guy - Tusken 9507 tusken + a garidan and greedo. http://www.fanwars.be/costumes/#citoyens
  7. Celebration Europe 2! Who is attending?

    I'll be there saturday and sunday with my sandtrooper*
  8. 501st ID Tag

  9. Krayt Clan 11 inch Patch

    interested for 1