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  1. Forum: Ihnken33 TKID: DZ-9433 Event: Planet Comic Con Day 1 Date: 28-Apr-17 Costume: Malakili
  2. Trip 13 Planet Comic Con Day 1 28-Apr-17
  3. While "SEXY Half naked men on display" is a great name... Keeper Corp is easier haha. But again, nothing is official. I'm just hoping if I type it enough, and enough people read it, it'll catch on. But in reality , it doesn't even matter if it never does. All of us keepers I'll still consider part of the Keeper Corps, even if they name it something else.
  4. Hi Brett. Welcome to what I'm calling the Keeper Corps. Although not officially named that. If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to ask. PM me at any time.
  5. I like those odds.. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  6. Also, if you're interested, submit this to the Rebel Legion too as this is a dual member approved costume. Also, other ideas... Malakili Corps, Keeper Corps (Which I think is catchy)... etc.
  7. We seriously need to do a group Malakili photo. That'd be freaking EPIC!
  8. Freaking awesome!!! Congrats! Welcome to the Malakili corps. Maybe one day we'll be able to do a running of the Malakili like they do with the Ice cream maker guy. Or a group therapy session for our depression... something.
  9. Troop Name: Nebkon 2016 Troop Date: 6-Nov-2016 Troop Location: Omaha NE Troop Participants: DZ-9433
  10. Henry Doorly Zoo Spooktacular Day 2 29-Oct-2016 Omaha NE DZ-9433
  11. Those look fantastic!!!! Awesome job!
  12. Trip 12 Anime Nebraskon 2016 Day 2 Omaha, NE 5-Nov-16
  13. Trip 11 Omaha Zoo Spooktacular Omaha, NE 29-Jul-16
  14. Ok, the arm bands, there are 3 bubbles with 8 studs. Leg bands are 4 bubbles and 8 studs. Basically think of the arm bands as leg bands, just missing a bubble. The studs are between each bubble, so in the configuration of the leg bands it'd be bubble, 2 studs, bubble, 2 studs, bubble, 2 studs, bubble, 2 studs - 4 bubbles 8 studs. Arm band configuration: 2 studs, bubble, 2 studs, bubble, 2 studs, bubble, 2 studs - 3 bubbles 8 studs. The leg bands (since the extra bubble does not hinder movement) should be included making it a total of 4 bubbles around the legs. The missing bubble on the arms help with mobility look great instead of having a bubble digging into your armpit. It's a creature comfort at that point. and the Velcro or whatever you use to close the bands are hidden under the armpit and the leg bands the bubble is sort of hiding the closure. Does that help?
  15. Wow, the hood turned out great! My only critique would be to darken and weather that light leather patch a little bit more. But that's really just nitpicking. Sorry to not be of more help. But you did fantastic with the hood! How I weathered my hood was I took some translucent black airbrush paint and airbrushed it, and then rolled it in dirt after the paint dried. It turned out fantastic I think. But everyone has their own method. But that hood looks fantastic!