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  1. WIP - Sound Effects Glove Project

    Where did you get the base glove? It's a wrist compression sleeve from Amazon.
  2. WIP - Sound Effects Glove Project

    Nice design. I like how you added it to each finger. I made my own sound glove as well, but took a different approach. I bought a wav trigger from Adafruit and sewed it to a glove using conductive thread. https://vimeo.com/162913610
  3. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    DZ-9327 Requesting full Krayt Clan Access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=13254 Krayt Clan Access Granted
  4. My Full Jawa

    I just submitted my Jawa for approval. Thought I would share it here.
  5. Sounds for your Jawa?

    I built my own sound glove for both myself and my wife's Jawa. It consists of sound module from Adafruit as well as some conductive thread.