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  1. DZ-7651 requesting Krayt Clan Access please. Many thanks. Izzy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 501st Access Granted
  2. When I first watched the extras on the A New Hope on bluray I noticed one of the Jawas was wearing a different bandolier with things hanging off it (see Jawa on the left). Below is a close up. I noticed eventually which Jawa it was in A New Hope, the one near C3PO as the Jawas are getting droids ready for sale. And a close up. After quite a bit of research I found that this bandolier is an English Civil War bandolier with carved wooden cases that use to hold one shot of gun powder for muskets called apostles. I noticed also that the Jawa in question had more than one type of apostle. The question is... Can I use these reference images to get this type of bandolier approved, even though it is not listed in the CRLs? I ask, as I managed to source some wooden apostles... Regards, Izzy
  3. I have recently taken some screen caps from the Blurays, and as I have not seen them else where I thought I woudl share them here. For high quality version of all the images, you can download the file here (89MB). Episode 1 (on screen during pod race) One thing I have noticed are the hoods, they look a bit different to the ones in episode 4. Episode 2 (on screen during Anikin trying to find the Sandpeople) Episode 4 (from extras) Smiles, Izzy
  4. KnightShade (or perhaps someone else on this forum...?), are you able to enlighten us where the translusent orange with reflective eye blanks were sourced from? I am most interested! They look great and I would love to use a similar set of reflactors for a few masks I am making here. Smiles, Izzy
  5. Fantastic! They just look the part! It is the sort of thing that I am planning to do myself. Is that a 5mm or 10mm LED? Where did you get the blanks for the eyes? Smiles, Izzy
  6. Requesting 501st Access please: TKID: 7651 Thank you. 501st Access Granted
  7. I am trying to make a new mask that has eyes very similar to the movie ones, ie domed yellow plastic/resin. Does anyone know the diameter of the movie eyes used? Also are there any good closeup photos of the screen eyes? Thanks for your help. Smiles, Izzy
  8. Thank you!
  9. Thanks for making me so welcome. I haven't done too much so far on the Jawa costume, just been reading up, getting some bits together. But soon! Ken, I may see you perhaps on Nick's build day? Smiles, Izzy
  10. Thanks guys for confirming my suspicions. Glad I was seeing right. Marcus, I am thinking the same as you! They must of got to that guy and found they ran out. Smiles, Izzy
  11. Hi there, This morning I was making screen caps of ANH to help costume a Jawa for my partner. As I was watching, I noticed that in the background there seems to be a Jawa with no bandolier! I am not sure if I am seeing it right, so I thought I would get your opinion on it. It is the one in the background, to the right, behind the dome-like droid. I have included screen caps from the original version of ANH and the Special Edition. From the Original Version of ANH From the Special Edition of ANH To me, it looks like the Jawa is missing the bandolier and doesn't even have a belt. Smiles, Izzy
  12. I just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone. I am a new member here, trying to learn enough about Jawa's as I am sewing my partner a costume so they can have fun at 501st events too. I myself am in the process of making Biker Scout armour and an Imperial Officer uniform for myself. Smiles, Izzy From Tasmania, Australia