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  1. Krayt Clan Mugs now available.

    Not much of a beer drinker myself, nevertheless they look beautiful!
  2. My new pet Bantha

    Looks great indeed!
  3. Using KOTOR game Tuskens/Jawas as reference?

    I'm a EU/KOTOR fan myself and that sounds like a great project
  4. Using KOTOR game Tuskens/Jawas as reference?

    Sounds like a better idea indeed
  5. My Tusken Build thus far

    Personaly I think it looks great! But then again i'm not one of the experts here on this subject
  6. Using KOTOR game Tuskens/Jawas as reference?

    Thank you, I already thought so but atleast now I know for sure Don't want to build a wrong costume
  7. In the Star Wars RPG game Knights of the Old Republic you can travel to Tatooine where you will meet Jawa's and Tuskens. You see a lot of Tuskens and Jawas in the game, from all angles and I even found Tuskens with different gaffis then in the movie. So I just was basicaly wondering if we could also use George Lucas his games for information instead of only his movies. And if yes how about other games such as SW Galaxies or even comics? Now I'm sure there are more KOTOR players out there and maybe some of them know if the Tuskens/jawa's in the game ar identical to those in the movies. Here are some pics from the game, it does seem asif the Tuskens have a different kind of breather then in the movie, but how about the rest?