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  1. Aussie Denizen

    Hi Jarrod Is this the cloak build ?? Hurry up and join the Krayt Clan

    Nice. But, you need a Gaffi...
  3. I'm beginning to think the inside of the pleats and the back of the mouth needs some serous weathering. It looks far too new and defined
  4. Thanks !! My aim now is to look into getting a CRL set up. The issue will be with the amount of available information. Anyhow, I've been looking into the neck seal situation and I'm thinking this might be the go... I've turned the neck seal around and tucked the ends in through the neck. It keeps the definition of the neck but still gives you the look of a neck seal. I haven't taken the wadding out of the neck seal, i wanted to see what it looked like. I think some needs to come out at the front, it looks like it causes a bulge to form. I couldn't see that when I was taking the picture. Thoughts ?? <<< the bulge at the front on the neck
  5. Ralph McQuarrie Concept Tusken Raider

    So this bucket threads finished. My soft parts thread is continuing here... http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/5901-ralph-maquarrie-concept-tusken-raider/ *EDIT* Nope, I don't think it is.. I'm beginning to think the inside of the pleats and the back of the mouth needs some serous weathering. It looks far too new and defined
  6. I'm thinking i might combine the neck seal and the balaclava somehow. Neither of them quite fits the bill the way it is at the moment
  7. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement everyone. My motivation seems to have fallen down and can't get up.. With regards to the breather: theres covered and uncovered versions. given I've specifically modelled a particular painting, I think I'll go at first at least with what he has, which is uncovered. the hands: the light shunning story of the tuskens being true, these are concept tuskens so i guess anything could apply really. I can only go on what I see. I like having the fingers exposed, it very different to what we're all used to, same with the pants and top. As far as the jewels, and the smelly little Jawa's.. let them come. Please keep up the feedback, it's valued
  8. I've made a neck seal. Still unsure on it. Without.. With..
  9. Heres the almost finished harness I also made a bag. It has a PVC structure inside to hold the right shape, but its really light and holds a lot. The original leather is on the left, after coloring on the right After a sand and a few coats of very cheap poster paint.. (the bone and tiny skull are made from wire wrapped super sculpey) The inside structure The belt clip 1.zip
  10. What happened to the forums?

    Its obviously an invasion. Thats what communication disruptions usually mean...
  11. The visibility is about average for a tusken. I managed to somehow get a relatively clear lens out of my attempt, and what with all the holes in the faceplate, it gives good sideways vision
  12. Well, all my photos didnt upload for some reason, so heres some that did load. Harness front view Details.... I embedded a couple of small pieces of crystal in the harness to resemble something like a couple of polished krayt dragon pearls.
  13. Some work on the harness.This is before I finalised the harness placement. There's tape holding the rear/side straps in place at the back. Lots more details to go on, colouring and weathering..
  14. The head spikes and blood spitters are custom 3D prints. The eyes are the regular ones that I make out of PVC tube, but I've added another layer the original to give it a thicker look.
  15. Thanks. Theres also a strip of plastic (painted in silver) that sits where the chin or bottom lip would be. You can see it in this pic.