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  1. New Underworld Detachment

    This Jawa/Tusken loves being here............lol
  2. Another one from Germany!

    Welcome to the sandbox!
  3. Hello from Albany, NY!

    Welcome to the sandbox!
  4. New Underworld Detachment

    Cool. Thanks for the input. Now please paypal your 2 cents to the following........lol But seriously thanks for stopping by and contributing...........
  5. Hello from the deserts of S. calif

    Welcome to the sandbox.
  6. Greetings from Jakku

    Welcome to the sandbox.
  7. New Underworld Detachment

    This is not about merch. Never was. I love hearing it is about the costumes. What a detachment is for. All are welcomed. If folks want a new detachment to help with the expansion due to the influx of new costumes great. If not awesome as well. As of now we are all one big family and all are welcomed. That hasn't changed and will not change. For now its all talk started by someone on the main boards 2 years ago that got dug up again and now was formally brought to the kc"s attention recently. So many of us are awaiting what the deal is or going to be. Thanks for the input everyone. The kc has come along way in 15 years. Most of us were not even around back then. But we continue to grow. We've expanded. We rose up. Welcome to the sandbox each and everyone......
  8. New Underworld Detachment

    That sounds great!
  9. New Underworld Detachment

    You've been fine. Great matter of fact. In general hoping things will stay civil due to other examples that have occurred within the legion. If it came across you were that is wrong since you weren't. It is highly appreciated that you have stepped up and spoke out. Great contribution. Thank you for that. Also some things might have come across unclear or stated not clear enough and I will apologize for that since re-reading things some were not as clear as they should be or worded so it came off not right. Thankfully it was brought to my attention. Hopefully folks can see this topic is one of those hotbed discussions as previously stated by someone. So far folks have been great and civil. Passionate to say the least and that is awesome. Let the discussion continue. Please all continue to contribute.
  10. New Underworld Detachment

    Now the idea of updating the skin once everything is figured out is something that has been tossed around. Most likely if the boards need altered it would be done as part of the process. It would take time but could be done. But like I said before we need to concentrate on the idea of this proposal. Also at this time many of us are in the middle of a holiday season and a time for family and friends. Hopefully not having to deal with a civil war on things not related to what this thread started off as. So let's try to keep this about the idea of a new detachment or not and realize that a lot of people are tied up before this spirals and folks just seeing things or having to deal with things are dealing with everything but this idea. (As I type this I am having family coming in town and dealing with that....lol) So to say folks suggest if your for it how would you want things placed. If not and want things one big family let it be known. For those celebrating Thanksgiving or not I hope all is well and times are great.
  11. New Underworld Detachment

    Well the kc was started as a Tusken newsletter and evolved. Its part of the history. So the logo is nice as it is because it has that unique rustic look. Tribal if you will. Eventually the jawas were added. Sort of like when the legion started. As new things were added the logo stayed the same. So its who we are and where we came from. Spit balling is good. Just need to aim more on this new detachment or not. Before the thread trainwrecks. Lol And it has vered a few times.....Admirally.......I know bad jawa bad jawa.....lol
  12. New Underworld Detachment

    Here is food for thought. Many moon ago the kc was described as Jawas and Tuskens and then eventual other denizens. Eventual we got it to be denizens as a whole. Since piggies and snouts had been part of the kc for a long time and finally they needed to be recognized. So it was pushed to have the kc to expand its description by the kc. So piggies and snouts being part of the kc is kind of being the realm they earned it, Biths being here and finally in the legion was a long time coming. As far as denizens go ...Dz is dz. At one time wampa was kc and then it got moved to the BF. Still has a dz designation. Several characters were temp placed here that eventual were put with Flagship. Several moves and proposals within the legion have been real ugly with members getting nasty with each other. Here in the sandbox we've worked hard to make it a place where people play nice. Absolutely every character could be placed in different places. There is no perfect set up because everyone is gonna view stuff differently. So far that is holding true. Cool beans. Now as the conversation goes on within this thread hopefully people will be civil and the rants and diatribes will be avoided. So far its been good for the most part. Some folks have shown passion and that is great. Ultimately nothing has changed and its business as usual and we are one big ever expanding family. This new detachment is an idea being proposed because with all the new movies out and coming out there is gonna be a need for new homes for all the new costumes that may or may not fit within the established detachment within the legion. Thank you all for commenting. There are pros and cons to it all. Keep up the good discussion.
  13. New Underworld Detachment

    Its all good. Now you know. You weren't wrong just didn't know. Now other s will know too. Feel free to keep posting away on this topic of the underground group.
  14. New Underworld Detachment

    All kc merch is exclusive to kc members. The bills get paid around here no problem. I make sure of that. Also this thread is about a new detachment. So we are good there. We sell a ton. Lol