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  1. Also around here to show above and beyond is the amount of troops you submit towards our total. But in the end if you troop once or fifty times we are glad your here.
  2. It already had been discussed. So no need to submit. Thanks for the offer. The sandbox is good where we are at. We have the trooping incentive deal instead and a patch for that if the clan as a whole we can hit a 1000 troops for the year. So look forward to that. So respectfully that is the deal. Carry on....
  3. There is no special patch for level 2. Levels are optional. We are just happy your part of the sandbox.
  4. The shirt run is going now. Like in the pm I sent it shows the due date of April 28th when it will close. If anyone wants one who is awaiting access please pm me and I will send the details as long as you are a dz. The run ends on the 28th of this month.
  5. 7 pms sent to those 7
  6. Ok folks we are awaiting the legion on an issue with the lockdown. Right now only the shirts are up for grabs. This thread is not a shirt run thread. If you don't have access yet and want a shirt since we are having to deal with this web security issue right now please pm me. I will check to make sure you are a dz so you don't miss out and give you all the ordering info privately to order. I just got back from celebration so be patient. Problem
  7. No one has forgotten because it is due to the website security issues that hit during that time,
  8. Seriously relax. I just got home. I will post tonight,
  9. Ok chill folks.....I have them. Just got home. I will post them tonight.
  10. The kc is doing our pic right after the main pic. Just like it says. We are breaking after the main photo and going to a side spot and taking pics. The most important ipic is the legion pic when we are all together no matter what costume your in.
  11. Here you go: Go here to request for access.
  12. Right after the legion photo. Come to the Legion photo and then we are doing the Kc one right after.
  13. Well some costumes being all the rage tied things up but hey it's
  14. The Jawa CRL is now green!
  15. To buy KC merch you have to be a member of the KC. So when you get an approved denizen costume feel free to sign up for KC member access. There is a thread for that. You will see the merch section once approved and your access is granted.