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  1. Bazine Netal - The Force Awakens

    One of the Nordic Garrison ladies is doingthis as well and posting about it on her facebook page she has had the fabric actually printed. It's disturbingly amazing. https://www.facebook.com/ArtyAnnaCosplay/?fref=ts
  2. do you have a pattern for the shawl you can share?
  3. SASH question

    apologies for the pop-ups. I use an ad-blocker so I never see them.
  4. SASH question

    this is how I made the sash for the commission I worked on. it's in the photos on the blog. http://mousecostumes.blogspot.de/2013/10/tusken-inner-robe-part-deux.html
  5. A Troop A Day 2013 - Group Trooping Incentive Program

    Trooping at CEII with DZ 7207 and in October 12- 13 at SSGFC Helsingborg ( Sweden) with the Nordic Garrison. with DZ 6637 My other troops for 2013 were earlier in the year. Already had you down for CEII, but thanks for the ID on 7207! He was one of my unidentified denizens! SSGFC added to list.
  6. Celebration Europe 2! Who is attending?

    I will be there with my female tusken.
  7. Fedcon Germany

    as far as I know I was the lone tusken this weekend past. I only wore the outfit on Friday ( it was way too hot and crowded on Saturday and I wasn't feeling well) There were a lot of fabulous outfits running around. tusken amongst the aliens the entire album There were so many amazing things this weekend past and it was a lot of fun for our first ever fedcon.
  8. tuskens at jedicon- germany

    Thanks, it was a real blast but I couldn't have done it without Martina's fabulous mask. She rocks!
  9. my new tusken

    Rudi, du hast eine haufen menge arbeit gemacht und es sieht fantastisch aus. Vieleicht treffen wir uns eventual auf ein event.
  10. tuskens at jedicon- germany

    Martina, we have to do it again some time! It was a lot of fun!
  11. Here are a couple of pictures from jedicon. It was a lot of fun. the rest of my pictures can be found here... jedicon 2010
  12. my finished tusken girl

    we'll be there! I'm sure we'll figure it out.
  13. my finished tusken girl

    thanks everyone.. re the mask, I can't take credit for that but I wear it well
  14. So after a 2 weeks of frantic tea dying and sewing finally I'm done, many many thanks to the marvelous Skulblaka for her wonderful mask making! you can check out the whole process and pictures here star warsy stuffs
  15. microwavable fimo clay

    the finished product