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  1. Lorelei, I just use a cotton tshirt, this helps absorbs the sweat, and shorts, long black socks....Under armour/Bike gear isn't cheap but designed to help with the heat and cooling. Try on your arms getting little cotton gloves and using cotton socks that have been cut to place your had in. This will be cooler than the nylon long ones and easy to take off and on when you need your hands gloveless .lol
  2. Congrats Ian...and Well Done!
  3. love this!!!!!
  4. ah the fun part of drying. Its hard with the colour, cameras and light can change it. Though it looks ok from this point of view
  5. Hi ya Mike and Welcome You will be fine with the soft parts plenty of members here to lend a hand! its the exciting part building and creating Good luck and ask as many Questions as you like, we are here to help.
  6. Sara they are fine!
  7. Looking good John!
  8. Hello trina and Welcome! Looking forward to your build and please ask as many questions as you want
  9. Hello Alexus and Welcome! congrats on your Jawa
  10. Congrats Shayla! and Welcome to the Krayt Clan
  11. lol that was good
  12. Hi ya Dennis, Go to the top right under your name press and a menu will pop down, press "account settings" another menu will pop up on the left, once in Settings the another menu will be on the left and "Signatures" press on that and voila! good luck!
  13. HI ya Cynthia, Welcome to the Clan.. Now your a busy little bee, good on you
  14. HI ya Joe ...Cosplay??? we say Armour!!! get with the lingo .....all good. There will be a questioner at the end of month your going to have to answer. A'sharad nice looking forward to your build thread. and good luck!
  15. HI ya J and Welcome to the Sandpit. Congrats on your approval!