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  1. ANH mask did have fabric covering it, and making a slit for the eyes to pop through, giving the small light effect. The photo you have seen with the tape is also another type, so many jawas they had to hook up, and not all worked at one time or another. Unsure about who makes the holster, many make their own.
  2. Cute
  3. Hi ya Darren and Welcome. Good luck with your Tusken
  4. Hello Suzanne and Welcome. Oh you'll be fine
  5. Nicely done Very impressed. Mine is more hand drawn, it was a quickie quite a few years ago. With the slit around the neck, make sure you zig zag so no extra fraying and I used a clip to fasten it. With the hood I stopped the Antenna wire short from the ties, it helped sew the ties on. You can use the Zipper foot to sew the wire in, instead of threading it. I do love this Pattern
  6. Hi ya Will and Welcome the sand pit! Number 3....So your working on number 4?
  7. Hi ya Chris and Welcome to the sand pit. Congrats on your approval
  8. I would generally go with standards of the jawa in the movie. They do look a tad painted. Thats what we are here for, to look like the Jawa's in the movie Small tip there is no Black weathering on Jawas, try and stay clear of the "Oil effect".
  9. Great minds think alike
  10. Hello Andrew I've seen that Jawa fabric before! I love the weathering, been playing in the sand little one? Your hood is all wonky, you need to fix it, retie it? have a play with it in the mirror with out the mask on to get it right. As it really doesn't look crash hot atm. Your sleeves are very much ANH but the GML may ask you to fray them a little. Everything else looks good.
  11. Shawn the folding of the hood in the second photo ...sweet. Loving the work on the mask.. your doing a good job. To help with extra fabric around the front, I have a tie and elastic so it wont flap and gape around the front. Um I know its a little black ...but I had also placed elastic you sort of cant see it
  12. Hello Jarrod and Welcome to the sand pit. Garindan Build Nice.
  13. Hi ya Brian.. He is just too cute..Looking forward to the finished photos
  14. Well if you have too many Bandoliers I can take one off your hands, I don't mind wearing it on the left shoulder...lol loving the build!
  15. looking good Leigh and thank you.