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  1. Hi Scouser, I'm not familiar with the Tusken Costume, though the Bandolier in question is very common one the Jawa's use's. I will see if I can get someone to take a look for you.
  2. Congrats on getting on TV!! Its always pretty cool. My hubby complains he can't see me (face) I know its me and is happy as a pig in poo
  3. Hi ya Brian and Welcome
  4. Chris I love her laying on the fabric. Bugger you couldnt fold it over...kids grow too much! I didnt have an overlocker for 20 years...I know the feeling. Also if the lining doesnt work out, see is she can wear under armour so to speak. Any questions just buzz me.
  5. Hi ya Larissa, Looking good, just a couple of tips. Your going to need to tie your hood a little bit better. It looks a little messy in the front, tuck it in and make it a little tighter. Your Sleeves need to be trimmed, the sleeves in the movie are frayed "even" no long strains hanging down, will also drive you nuts. Also your ties down your back need to be frayed a little not completely sewn. Keep an eye on the length of your Jawa so you wont be tripping over it. They are all little things, and they will make you look Awesome and more in line with the Movie Jawas! Good Luck. Looking forward to seeing your trooping photos!
  6. I was wondering when you were going to paint it black !! lol
  7. Muni, that was to be corrected. There was no fur on any of the Jawa's in the movies. We did take that line out, there must of been a Droids fault.
  8. I've just made a childs one, so it may look a tad small, though this should help. I try and make it so the neck isn't wide as you can see your undergarment if the hood doesn't cover it. I make a small slit down then to close it I use clips, the the slit gets hidden by the hood.
  9. nicely done....well you do know our faces are not asymmetrical. I dont have your talent!
  10. button up, I us a clasp clip. you need to make a slit about 4 inches down so your head can fit in and to button up at the top. I will look at taking a photo tomorrow to show you.
  11. oooh nice...looking forward to seeing your build Nicholas ...:)
  12. Nice Brian. I did the same with my Boushh sleeves the way you attached them to your top. Just needed a hand to get them up is the issue.
  13. Those dam Buttons!!! Christian good luck, you will do fine Bobby congrats! you look good
  14. Denise....whoa congrats was going to give advice but didn't need to sweet!! Welcome to the Clan
  15. lol I loving this thread.... Check the safety issues with worbla Louis. I like the sound of Foam. though its sticking the little bugger could be fun. yes we went photos!