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  1. Cloth for Jawa robe

    Hi ya Roger, The robe is more of a knitted blanket type and most likely ordered from a factory specialising in woven garments. I doubt anyone has this product for sale that we can find, we can only find what can come close. It is an open weave wool.
  2. Bantha Rider Photos

    Hi ya Guys, I found this thread http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/5434-batha-rider-sleeve-open-or-closed/ It has a photo of a rider. Your best bet is watch the movie on an ipad and take photos I did this with a costume part I had troubles with
  3. Hi ya Nate and Welcome... Frozen!! no thanks I really hate the cold. Just glad we don't get snow here
  4. Greetings from Reno, Nevada!

    Hi ya Josh and Welcome! A soft costumes are great for travel and easy to pop on too. good luck
  5. Jawa...for my son.

    Love it !! fantastic job.
  6. Greetings from Virginia

    Hi ya Iggy and Welcome. Your a busy little bee hey! Good luck on your builds.
  7. Male Tusken WIP

    oh dear lord ...that looks fun! Hope the colour is correct for ya!
  8. Thank you Maciej You have some photos I didn't have. I've placed some up now
  9. GeekyAustin's Jawa Build

    Hello Austin and Welcome ..Looking forward to the photos
  10. Greetings from GA!

    Hello Barrett and Welcome.
  11. 1st Wyoming Jawa

    Hello Mollie and Welcome!
  12. Greetings from Germany

    HI ya Crazy and Welcome
  13. Roger I'm so sorry, I will fix this thread. I have started to use flicker.
  14. Hello from Richmond, VA!

    Hey Mike. Thats good to hear Looking forward to seeing your build
  15. TuskenQueen reporting from Texas

    Hello Sonya and Welcome!