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  1. Greetings from Illinois!

    Hi ya Brian and Welcome! Good luck with your Tusken Raider
  2. nice...:) Remember to hang it were you can see it, little kids will try and play with it.
  3. Hello from Louisiana

    Hi ya Kate Welcome And congrats on your approval!
  4. Knit Gloves?

    Ashely they look more like the ANH jawa's. I have a pair, though not for my jawa, You would have to cover the green. The ANH jawa did have a smooth (leathery) part on their gloves compared to the other movies.
  5. My Jawa Costume is on its Way!

    Lorelei you will be fine, I have a thread in Jawa softparts on how to fray your sleeves nicely. just follow that once you have the length you want. If you know someone with a sewing machine just get them to zigzag the bottom and arms so the fray doesn't continue, if you don't each time you wash it, you will have strings and more fraying. Weathering is fun! Always start off small, watch the movie and take photos. I used house paint sandy colour, I have to get around to adding more to mine ...soon. Any questions please ask.
  6. Jawazilla 95% complete

    Looking good. Well done. Your hood is a little wide and its showing quite a bit of your mask and sewing, try and fold it around more, so the ends over lap. If its confusing here is a photo to help. If you made your own bandolier, try making the pouches a larger to match you.
  7. My Jawa Costume is on its Way!

    OMG .......yeah the front one is me (pretty sure I did my back) ....the other is my daughter, the Clone behind me is what I call my trooping hubby (close friend and normally a jawa himself) Thank you Loreiei for sharing ...gave me a good laugh
  8. Jawa in for approval

    Outstanding! Congrats
  9. Cricket's Jawa Build

    Haha love the idea of spraying your bin! Those gloves are looking good, and yes I agree just need to thin out a little.
  10. Just starting out

    Caz Bandolier nice! well done. Loving that Blaster. Dont forget to make those Sleeves a little smaller, its easy when they are already attached, turn inside out pin and sew up to the arm pit. They still look at tad big and floppy.
  11. Couples jawa build

    Neil Congrats!!!
  12. Cricket's Jawa Build

    Christine. Nice....my first Jawa was in one of those as well, I kept my mask in the shelf on the top so it wasnt crashed underneath. Now you need stickers!
  13. Mile High Greetings!

    Hi ya Dave and Welcome. Its pretty cool when your kids can troop with you, I still call mine kids even though they are all over 20! Would love to see photos with both you.
  14. DZ-86076 GGG

    Hi ya Rene and Welcome
  15. Utinni! From Houston, TX

    Hi ya Cynthia and Welcome! Congrats on the approval