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  1. Name: MJ DZ-3016 Event: Melbourne Victory V Adelaide United Friday 8th December 2017 Location: Melbourne Etihad Stadium
  2. Greetings from St. Louis, Mo

    Welcome! OMG looking forward to photos of your Daughter in her outfit Good luck
  3. Jawa Build COMPLETE!

    No its not. Its pretty much seperate from the hood as you can see in this photo. The Bandolier is seen behind the hood. Also you can see photos with actors with their hoods off and only with the masks on. Though I do velcro the top to the inside of the hood, so the hood doesn't fly of in the wind.
  4. an so it begins... Jawas Mask.

    Louis Awesome!!! Congrats DZ-17026 .. Don't forget our trooping program
  5. Cas' 2017 Gamorrean WIP

    Cas I love it! get weathering...If I lived closer I would join in..I love weathering. Granny pants ...lol
  6. Greetings from the Philippines

    Hi ya Karl and Welcome!
  7. Sewing a Jawa (using Monks Cloth)

    Neck opening. Once you've cut out the neck opening as per pattern above, check to see if your head can fit! Remember to cut a curve part in the flap, this will help with it not annoying you around the neck.
  8. Btabc Jawa

    We are lucky to have a leather factory where they can cut leather to size. Thats how I got my sith lord one done. Satuday Double troop ...sleep in on Sunday..I have a double on Friday..the Chrissy jawa is coming out!
  9. Hello from Northern Virginia

    Hello Sabrina...Congrats on your Approval!
  10. Btabc Jawa

    Colour looks much better!
  11. Sewing a Jawa (using Monks Cloth)

    Sewing the Robe. I stared with attaching the arms to main body aka shoulders. Monks cloth doesn't like to play nice so if you have an overlocker use it, otherwise once sewn with the straight stitch I would Zigzag the edges. Always check your work before moving onto the next piece, so there are no frays or gaps. Before sewing the sleeves Zig the edge so the fray doesn't continue, making sure its a good long width though not to close as you would normal fabrics. When pinning your sleeves together, make sure the edges meet ..so they are even. ( I know its sewn already forgot to take the photo before hand ) Place both sides together, remember the end of the sleeves must meet perfectly. Where my pins are placed all you need to do is sew right down the side. (Again sorry I had already sewn before taking the photo) If you don't have an overlocker, straight stitch then zig zag the edges, being an open weave it needs that extra sewing. Measuring your length. I measure from neck to ground, once you fray, then with cloths on underneath bandoliers will bring your robe a little so it wont touch the ground The Fraying on the bottom of the robe can be a little stringy, not too long as you may trip on it. To get the effect of fraying just cut uneven and when your about to ZigZag the hem, sew in some of the threads. There is no need to "Cut" into the fabric, NONE of the Jawas in any of the movies had their hems cut up. Check all your seams each time you finish a section. Make sure to reinforce under the arms, sewing again. Especially if you have overlocked it, that area will be a weak link.
  12. Love the chrissy one...will post closer to the day... these are cool! thank you!
  13. Btabc Jawa

    Oh god I really hate Dying! good luck Second bandolier awesome!
  14. TopCatDK Jawa build

    Thomas, I think its ok, I reckon you needed to model it for me to actually say its correct Here are a couple from the movie to help.
  15. TopCatDK Jawa build

    My favourite part...I love weathering!