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    Greetings Denizens! Just before Halloween, I built a Jawa costume for my daughter, and she was approved by the Galactic Academy. As this was my first Jawa build, this site was a tremendous help in helping my daughter and I complete our costume. We followed M.J.'s build here: Thank you for all of the helpful tips M.J.! My daughter now has the Jawa costume, and I have a Tusken costume. Both of us wanted to be able to replicate our characters sounds. I found some components online that were not terribly expensive, and relatively easy to assemble. We mounted the electronics to a wrist compression glove, and connected the glove to a personal amplifier via mini-mini jack cable. Here is a video on how we put everything together. As you will see at the end of the video, the Jawa costume is small on me, that's my wife's Halloween robe. I can fit in it, but it is short at the wrists and ankles, it was only used here for demonstration purposes. I used sounds from TK0580, he uploaded Jawa and Tusken sounds in one of his posts on this forum. And another member: Kayelbe had mentioned the electronics123.com soundboard in the same post. The electronics123.com site does say that the older board only works with Windows XP, 7, and Vista due to driver issues. The older board also requires special software to upload sounds to the older board. Apparently, there is a new driver update that may alleviate the driver incompatibility. That said, it is pre-assembled, the little speaker that comes with it can be cut off. I chose the other newer board that works on all operating systems and is simply a drag/drop to upload the sounds. It does require a little assembly though. Here is a list of materials and tools: Sound Glove Components from Electronics123.com: 4 button trigger MP3 board: http://bit.ly/2nbvIOT ~$20 9 volt battery clip or holder: http://bit.ly/2my9tRM ~50cents Contact switches x 4: http://bit.ly/2nh8ymW ~$1/each Other components from Amazon: Wrist Compression Glove: http://amzn.to/2nrbuN5 ~$10 3.5mm (1/8") mini to mini cable: http://amzn.to/2mNQQJW ~$2 Velcro: http://amzn.to/2mefpN6 ~$3 Voice Amplifier: http://amzn.to/2mdGTS1 ~$25-$50 Recommended Tools: Scissors: http://amzn.to/2medPeb Small Screwdriver: http://amzn.to/2mx5pPT Needle/Thread or Sewing Machine: http://amzn.to/2mO0QmF PC/Mac USB to micro USB cable: http://amzn.to/2myosv2 Wire strippers Thank you for watching
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    Greetings Denizens! Building props using home improvement store parts has become an addiction. My daughter is a Jawa with the Galactic Academy. Ever since she's watched ANH, she has wanted an ION blaster to complement her outfit. We set out on a quest to build the Ion blaster that took out R2. We drew up some templates based off of a set of Lee Enfield rifle blueprints. Once we had a plan for the stock, we looked for the other accessories at Lowe's and Home Depot. In addition to my home improvement store prop addiction, I also have an affinity for making videos. It gives us all another excuse to wear our costumes. The instructions for making this prop are in video format. Here's are a few pics of the finished product: The blaster can also be fitted with an LED: Here's a list of materials and tools that were used: COMPONENTS Templates FREE http://bit.ly/2p3kNaS ½” PVC x 2’ $1 https://goo.gl/9j1RVf ¾” PVC x 2’ $2 https://goo.gl/Rx1gDI 3” PVC x 2’ $6 https://goo.gl/Y0IzGE 1-½” x 3” PVC adapter coupling fitting $3 https://goo.gl/Xokv0C 1-½” x ¾” PVC reducer bushing $2 https://goo.gl/HCCknK ¾” x ½” PVC reducer $1 https://goo.gl/duhano ½” PVC cap 40cents https://goo.gl/pahvY9 ½” PVC clamps $1 https://goo.gl/cWENUe 1” (¾” actual) board $9 https://goo.gl/zj8Ved #8 x 2-½” wood screws $1 https://goo.gl/bNTjnp #8 x 1” wood screws $1 https://goo.gl/sxE3OY #4 x ½” pan head sheet metal screws $1 https://goo.gl/AEvnx4 Flat aluminum bar $3 https://goo.gl/9a5kbJ Etsy coin battery & switch (optional) https://goo.gl/6e4r7v Etsy LED (optional) https://goo.gl/NBN9oZ TOOLS Jigsaw http://amzn.to/2ptBfNT Small Vice https://goo.gl/kGb5L8 Clamps https://goo.gl/7LI6Da Hacksaws https://goo.gl/Vyhv9v Drill http://amzn.to/2nEpJTa Various drill bits http://amzn.to/2oXBEvC Phillips Screwdriver Sandpaper (assorted grits - 120, 220, 400) Dremel (optional) http://amzn.to/2ptubki Trim Router & ½” core box bit (optional) https://goo.gl/GoiZd7 BUILDING & FINISHING MATERIALS Wood filler Wood stain of your choice Polyurethane finish of your choice Elmer’s wood glue E6000 adhesive Rustoluem Painter’s Touch Gray Primer Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Metallic Aluminum Rustoluem Painter’s Touch Flat Black General’s Powdered Graphite http://amzn.to/2oXKQQJ Krylon Satin Clear If you like to build stuff, this is a fun quest! Thank you for viewing
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    I use a relatively inexpensive crate from Target to haul my Tusken costume around. It isn't pretty, but it does the job. I was tired of it looking so...blah. Found a cool Tusken template online, blew it up to letter size and printed it out on cardstock (NOT regular paper). I put some music on, got a glass mat & an x-acto blade and began trimming. Tedious? Yes. Difficult? No. It took about 30 minutes. A sharp x-acto blade made all of the cuts in one pass. I also got some pre-cut letter stencils Dafont.com also had some cool stencil fonts for free. One could simply download a free stencil font, print it on cardstock, and then trim it out with an x-acto blade. I placed the stencils on my crate and masked off the sides (not shown in this pic), and then hit it with light mist coats of spray paint. Now my crate has a little more personality: I did the top of my Sandtrooper armor crate too. I used a plastic "No Parking" sign from Home Depot, cut it down to fit in the center of the lid, and sprayed over the stencils: It was a fun, easy, and cheap project. There may be die-cut stickers available, but I always worry about it peeling off, I was also able to custom size the design. This Tusken stencil won't have that problem
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    Compared to other Star Wars characters, Jawa stuff is pretty scarce in my opinion. I've had to make my own stuff as a proud Jawa. Here is my crew shirt I made off a brown shirt I got at a thrift store.
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    I've been gathering Celebration photos from various users, hopefully the collection will grow but for now here is the set: https://flic.kr/s/aHskUfi6nA Credit for various photos: Heath Perkins (KC Tag:Hperk) and Steve Lam (www.flickr.com/photos/slamto/) Preview:
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    Ok folks we are awaiting the legion on an issue with the lockdown. Right now only the shirts are up for grabs. This thread is not a shirt run thread. If you don't have access yet and want a shirt since we are having to deal with this web security issue right now please pm me. I will check to make sure you are a dz so you don't miss out and give you all the ordering info privately to order. I just got back from celebration so be patient. Problem solved.....lol
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    I was officially approved this morning! DZ-92986 is ready to raid!
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    heres my boots, still need to add shoo goo to the bottoms to make a sole, and help prevent the wrapping from being tattered. I hope yall have positive feedback wraps are duck cloth soaked and hand tattered then banner tapped and hot glued tomuck boots I got at tractor supply company. weathered with olive tan dk brown and black spray paint
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    One of my favorite shots from Hamilton Comic Con - November 2015 DZ 18610
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    January 1st will start the beginning of a new GROUP trooping initiative for the Krayt Clan! We are pleased to continue this very successful program for 2017! 2017 is the 15th anniversary of the Krayt Clan, so we are honoring the memory of those who have walked the burning sands before us! As with the 2016 program, only 6 troops are needed to qualify for the reward. But if you even have only one troop, please post to support your fellow DZs, if we don't hit 1000 there are no special consolation prizes. Lets earn our cool swag! If we reach the 1000 troop plateau we will create an exclusive patch----- any one who posts over 6 troops will be allowed to purchase! 2017 fun rules!! 1. NEW FOR 2017... INSTEAD of putting all of your troop info into your post, you MUST enter it into this Google Form for it to count: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2gVvvgcexF6WsIGduH1UkxVr8ET9Z7rj0e3obdKLUUjUv1g/viewform 2. You MUST have a picture of you at the troop in a approved Krayt Clan Costume (just take a selfie if there are no photographers) A direct link to a web hosting site is ok--. a click and the picture must appear. 2. You MUST post the picture and troop name to this thread "The Memorial Troop" (no cross referencing to other threads) so that the data entered in the spreadsheet can be validated. 3. You MUST be an Active Krayt Clan Member and list your DZ#. Below is a link to the spreadsheet the Google Form feeds into so that we all can keep track of how many more troops we all need together! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KpvgmWQjZI23CE4aFXUCmPZvi4vjSvEkGGwRX4pcuzU/edit?usp=sharing Unfortunately, unlike previous years, children with Galactic Academy CDZ numbers will NOT count towards our numbers and will NOT be eligible for the incentive rewards due to 501st merchandise rules.
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    Hey guys. I just realized I never introduced myself. Currently part of Garrison Tyranus. My tusken is costume number 3 and will become my primary. Thanks!
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    Decided to make a couple of Tusken Raider costumes. These are completed now but I thought I would share my build cause others may find some of the things helpful. A lot of this will be redundant from what is already found here in most work in progress threads but some of the installation of the interior aspects may help. I prefer to do all of my own work when I can & I wanted a complete bucket not a pieced together one, just stronger in my opinion. Went with an approach that I haven’t seen done yet, a complete 3D designed Tusken mask. I did my fabricating in the virtual world of design. I went in 2 directions one to be 3D printed & the second design converted to a Pepakura file to be scratch built. This was to prove out both concepts. I based design from as many of the reference photos & information that I could find to get it as close to accurate as possible. There are a few things that I see needing to be tweaked after the build was completed. The eyes, spikes, tusks, & nose were 3D printed for both masks .
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    1. Did a measurement for my wife and did a rough pattern design: The pattern design is still in progress. Please comment. 2. I tried to trace out the pattern and compare with the robe material. The material comes with 60" width. Taking into consideration of shrinkage and extra. I will need around 5 yards. Excel file shared to anyone interested. JAWA_MATERIAL_AYEN_JECQO.xlsx
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    Just an update...I was approved! Thank you all for the help and guidance throughout the process.
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    Jawa Mask I wanted to add my own experience making Jawa masks. I believe my style is very easy to make as no electronic skills are needed at all. I would love to find a good tutorial to learn how to set up electronics for masks, gauntlets etc. Until then this will do. I apologize in advance for not having WIP pics. First I got a superhero mask like Ironman. These can be found at Walmart or Target for $10 or at a thrift store for $1 or $2 if you're patient. My favorite mask is Lizard man because I like it's features but those are harder to find. The reason I like those masks compared to the plain white ones sold at craft stores like Michael's is because the plastic is thicker, more flexible and harder to crack. Those are solid masks. Also equally important, those masks have a rubber insert around the eyes. Those give quite a bit of stability and comfort. During long troops there is nothing stabbing you in the face. Just a soft rubber. With a snug fit it does not move around your face. The mask comes with a straight elastic from ear to ear. But it also has a slot on top of the mask. I inserted another piece of elastic to make it a 3 points strap. Along with the rubber backing around the eyes and this strap it is quite secure and pretty comfortable, other than the heat. I got a fabric that is easy to look through but harder to look in to conceal the eyes. I do not have the name of the fabric. I did this by trial and error. I made two oversized circles and glued them around the eyes. I got some fake fur and glued it around the mask with hot glue. Other glues could be used, but I'm inpatient. I cut the fur the best I could to the contour of the mask. Once it was done it was a furry mask. Then I used the heat gun around the fur. It is synthetic so it contracts quite nicely and it gave the appearance of burned skin. Careful not to use the heat gun around the eyes. If the fabric is synthetic it will make a hole! For the eyes I went to Michael's and bought a pack of Ashland Submersible LED Lights. Apparently those lights are to be put at the bottom of a pool or other water bodies for accents and they are quite bright! They are also a dome so it is the perfect shape and size. It uses 2 cell batteries. No bulky battery packs that add weight to the mask! The way it works, the dome is tightened to the bottom part. Once the contacts engage it is turned on. Loosen to turn off. I unscrewed the dome and sanded it on the outside. Then I used Martha Stewart Frosted Glass Yellow paint and painted on the inside. Careful not to paint on the threads so it can screw to the bottom part. This one will need a few coats between drying. If after a few coats the light is still coming strong in a beam instead of diffused, paint the light itself. Better yet fill a little cap with paint and dunk it. Let that thick slop of paint dry untouched. After it is almost dry you can smooth it with your fingers if you want. Once the painting is done, it will have a strong diffused glow. It will show even in direct contact with the sun. There is a small clip at the bottom part of the light. I cut it off because it is not needed. I glued the bottom part to the mask with hot glue gun. This glue is strong enough that will keep it securely yet can be removed with strong pressure if needed. I trooped about 10 times averaging 2 hours per troop before I noticed the lights were dimming and needed fresh batteries! The only weakness I found in the whole mask is that if you drop it face down the dome light may crack. Once it happens it won't light because it uses pressure in the threads to light. But knowing that in advance I had extra domes painted at the ready just in case! I would love your feedback!
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    Similar to many other jawas, I always had the problem that the glowing of my eyes wasn't visible at outside troops during daytime. Due to that I made a new mask using the LED-modules and the yellow half globes that i bought from Elafra21. The new eyes work great. Here is a comparison of the eyes of my old mask, on the left side, and my new mask, on the right side. Eyes on, dark interior, photos taken with a cell phone, no flash: Eyes on, light interior, photos taken with a cell phone, no flash: Eyes on, light interior, taken with a digital camera, with flash: Wiring of both masks: Eyes off, light interior, taken with a digital camera, with flash: Inside troop with the old mask: Outside troop with the old mask: Outside troop with the new mask:
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    So this will seem odd but the first photos of the spear being built are of my MK2 spear point while the later photos are of the completed gaffi has my MK1 spear on it. So that is why it looks a little off. The spear is designed to slide onto a 1/4" steel rod and both the spear and the pineapple slot into a 1" PVC pipe (2 feet long). All seems are super glued and filled with Bondo spot and glazing putty. I did an auto primer coat followed by a mix of browns and blacks followed by a glossy clear coat. This has not been weathered yet. I'm thinking about doing a short run on here in a month or so so keep your eyes peeled if your interested. ...and now pictures: 20170325_151451 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170307_120756 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170307_122317 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170314_123619 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170325_110518 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170325_110608 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170325_110800 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170325_111029 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170325_111711 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170325_111738 by bsmonkey, on Flickr ...and this is the "con" spear tip. Both tips will need the edges sanded down a little so it will sit snug in the chamber. It is totally possible to do this so that the points are interchangeable. 20170325_113551 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170325_114827 by bsmonkey, on Flickr The holes for the steel rod are a tad too tight so they need to get opened up a bit with a quarter inch bit. 20170325_125257 by bsmonkey, on Flickr Make sure the steel rod doesn't go all of the way into the square chamber for the spear tips. 20170325_125904 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170325_125925 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170325_125942 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170314_123931 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170307_122951 by bsmonkey, on Flickr instructions_nosale by bsmonkey, on Flickr compair by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170308_232045 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170314_122650 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170314_122903 by bsmonkey, on Flickr 20170314_122726 by bsmonkey, on Flickr Let me know what you think!
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    What Jake said! Paint is fine, start off small then build up. always make sure your clean regardless, Jawa's tend to hug quite a few little kiddies, so avoid the add on dirt or grim, illusion is the key. I use sandy coloured paint. In saying that I've been meaning to add more to mine! So if you do start off a little bit you can always add later on, though once painted its hard to take away. which paint you ask? (I'm that good) lol I just used good old house paint. It wont wash out. If you need a photo of the one I use..Yell out I will take a photo.
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    Finishing up the leather wraps Sand caught in the crevices and some weathering
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    South Australia Comic Con
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    Hi everyone here are some photos of me at the Oz comic-con in Perth Western Australia on the 25th of March 2017 I am attempting to make an accurate gunstock Sandperson I have ordered a Repro Swiss Ammunition Bandoleer Schmidt–Rubin 1911 K31 for the waist so that's why I am wearing the custom waist pouches that I made for the Sandperson guarding the 2 Banthers with the rifle which I will use the same outer robe for.I still need to do a bit more weathering on the robes and make some more pouches for the British 1903 pattern bando. Please comment if you can see improvements that are needed
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    Name : TK11773 TKID: DZ-11773 Event: Bingo for a Cure Date : 3/19/17 Costume : ANH Tusken
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    When I first watched the extras on the A New Hope on bluray I noticed one of the Jawas was wearing a different bandolier with things hanging off it (see Jawa on the left). Below is a close up. I noticed eventually which Jawa it was in A New Hope, the one near C3PO as the Jawas are getting droids ready for sale. And a close up. After quite a bit of research I found that this bandolier is an English Civil War bandolier with carved wooden cases that use to hold one shot of gun powder for muskets called apostles. I noticed also that the Jawa in question had more than one type of apostle. The question is... Can I use these reference images to get this type of bandolier approved, even though it is not listed in the CRLs? I ask, as I managed to source some wooden apostles... Regards, Izzy
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    #3 Troop Name: German Comic Con 2016 Troop Date : 4 December 2016 Troop Location: Westfalenhallen Dortmund (Germany)
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    Winter of 2014 Just to point out the new hood to the old...... Jawa on your left has the old hood with the plastic rim and bag bottom for support on the top, the Jawa on the right has the Antenna cord no support and the fabric ties.
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    Hello everyone and thank you for letting me register for your forums. I've spent the last several days combing through the forums researching information for the creation of a male Tusken Raider costume as depicted in Episode IV. There is a lot to learn and I am very impressed by the wealth of information available and the willingness so many have had to share what they learned. I appreciate all the information which has been posted by saying "THANKS" as it will no doubt make my project easier than it was for those before me. I hope to be finished in the next few months and intend to share anything useful I learn as I progress.
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    Welcome to the sandbox! Look at a bunch of the build threads and ask lots of questions because we are all here to help each other out.
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    DZ Event Number Forty-Five Event Name: C2E2 Location: Chicago, IL Date: April 21st, 2017
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    Hi all im a current 501st member with 6 costumes and have decided to do my first Denizen build. Looking at a Garindan Build. I live in Australia and I'm part of the Desert Scorpion Squad in the TAG Garrison.
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    Hi! I am a brand new Jawa so please bear with me as I learn all this stuff and ask lots of questions!
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    #1 Troop Name: Star Wars Reads Day Ratingen Troop Date: 8th October 2016 Troop Location: Ratingen library, Germany
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    This is awesome, I love scratch builds. Props to you my friend, keep up the good work! Excellent job on that snout/nosepiece!
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    If you are not yet covered, drop me a PM with your details
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    Mine are uncovered, and barely noticeable. I have to point them out to people, usually. Same color as the wraps, and weathered along with them.
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    Forum Name: Myna Sturnidae TKID: DZ-9572 Event: Star Wars Celebration Orlando Date: 04/15/ 2017 Costume: Tusken Raider
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    Troop Name: Star Wars Celebration (Mos Eisley Photo-Booth) Troop Date: April 15th, 2017 Troop Location: Orlando, Florida Troop Participants: DZ-92986 Costume: Tusken Raider
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    Looking good!! So I finally got the photo! Tell her she is Awesome ...out trooping her dad lol
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    Haven't been to active on the boards. Time for an update. She's done several troops with me and will stay in costume longer than I do! lol. She loves it! I've had to make a new robe for her. She out grew the first one. Here's a photo of her in full costume.
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    In the early stages of a build. I'm Brett of the Golden Gate Garrison.
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    Nicely done Patricia! Instead of tape, try a soldering iron.
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    Nice; have the same Eyes... Its from Raffi?
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    ...12 volt Fan and 9 volt battery, Awesomes, Thank you. Sent from my Smartfren Andromax using Tapatalk
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    Both masks have a 12V fan that runs of a 9V battery. I don't have a resistor in the new mask. Each eye has two LED-modules which are wired as a parallel circuit. So there is a total of four LED-modules, which run of two AA batteries. The old mask has a resistor because I'm running the eyes with a 9V battery. Each eye consists of one LED. Here is a schematic of the wiring. I can't remember if I used the 10mA LEDs and the 700 Ohm resistor or the 20mA LEDs and the 350 Ohm resistor.
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    Looking good, but what is going on with that jawa's eyes!? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    I went with the tighter style and left myself some 'growing' room. They get hidden under the outer robe most of the time, unless you want to be a Bantha rider. the SC pattern is a popular one to use. Once you start making the robe you can adjust for a better fit based on personal preference.
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    Canadian Garrison Raiders N Traders Clan in action! Stealing Dalek Harper off the Doctor Who Society! All your droids belong to us! - DZ 41908 and DZ 70926