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    Well done Christine I love your weathering. Makes me want to redo mine. Louis, Monks cloth does tend to crease easy compared to other fabrics I have used. I roll my cloths when packing for a trip, if done right at the other end I have no need to iron. So when traveling to and from a troop, roll your jawa, place the sleeves in start from the neck and roll, i also then pop that into the hood so the hood still keeps its shape and also doesn't crinkle up, I pop them into a suit case. Another idea is a suit pack, I have a couple for my Sith lord, jedi and Ewok, I tie the hood on the hanger so it wont dangle on the bottom of the bag. Each one of my costumes has a suit case or a bag it belongs in, so yes I have a lot of suit cases (its a sickness...)
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    Badmamajawa DZ 26123 Get Pop Cultured Cosplay Celebration 7-29-2017 Macon, Ga
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    Before I finished my TK, I had always planned on building a Jawa. I mean, seriously, Jawas have fun anywhere they go! So, let’s build it, then, shall we? I started with a pattern I found here in the Krayt Clan forum. I found pre-dyed Monk’s Cloth online (one less step, yay!), and cut it larger than I thought I would need it. Always easier to hem than to add, right? I traced the shape I wanted with tailor's chalk, making sure that the fold was at the shoulders. Then I cut it all out with a cutting wheel. Easy! All the pieces cut out and ready for sewing. Then I jumped into a Mouse Droid build. Which sidelined my Jawa for a month or so... And then I took time to go out trooping (because that's fun, too!). Next thing I knew, my other TK arrived to build! I've got this Jawa going at the same time as my TK build, so if my jawa build goes slower than expected, it's not because I'm not working on it. For my mask, I picked up an assortment of different style masks: a costume hockey mask, simple eye masks, paper full face masks... but I ultimately chose a Batman half face mask that I snagged from Kroger for less than $5 at Halloween (see, I told you that this has been taking a while!). I cut the 'horns' off so that the mask has more of a rounded shape. I removed the nose as well to allow for better air flow. And I opened up the eyes a bit as well so I could have a better field of view. Then I took an extra hard hat liner I had from my first TK build and glued it inside the mask. It's very comfy, secure, and provides a lot of support for everything! Oh, and another very nice thing about the Batman mask is that there is plenty of room to install two fans (one on each side) on the cheeks. Sweet! I hot glued two waterproof tea lights onto the mask. Off. And on! There were parts that were sticking up in the back of the hard hat liner. So I used duct tape to secure it all down. Then I put all the hood pieces together. I used speaker cloth to line the hood and also for my mask cover. This is before adding the coaxial cable in the front. I glued on some cheap plastic domes after painting the inside with alcohol ink and stuffing a bunch of butterscotch candy wrappers inside. The color of the lit eyes is amber, but they show up as yellow on my camera. I sewed in the cable, which improved the shape of the hood opening, but I didn't like how floppy it still was. This was before I made cuts for the eye domes. And after the speaker cloth was cut for the eyes. Even with the hood velcroed to my mask, the hood still liked to shift down a bit and obscure my vision. Annoying! I found some heavy fabric stabilizer from another costume build in my supplies and thought that it might help to give the hood a better form. It sticks to fabric when you iron it on. I chose to iron it to the inside lining, not the monks cloth. Yay, it worked! Here you can see the hood before adding the stabilizer on the left, and after adding the stabilizer on the right. So you can see a bit of the profile and the back ties. And while I like the newer 'stable' hood more than the previous version, it looks too 'perfect' to me. Since the photos were taken, I've crumpled up the hood a bit, which has creased and wrinkled the stabilizer inside of it. It looks much better now, and still prevents the hood from dipping near the front. I had already sewn my robe together, so I figured I would throw it all on and show my hubby my creation. The robe and sleeves were still too long, and I didn't have my gloves or boots, but it was super exciting getting it all on! He was so impressed that he pulled out his camera. And I embraced my inner jawa... I ended up removing a lot more than this from the bottom of the robe! Thankfully, I was able to use that extra stuff removed for my boots. I made a zig zag stitch all along the areas that need fraying (bottom of the robe, ends of the sleeves), and pulled out enough to make a few centimeters of fringe. Next I tackled my boots. I found these on Amazon for somewhere around $10. Just used the extra cloth scraps from trimming and hot glue! I covered the bottoms with Shoe Goo. One tube per shoe! And that's it for now. Still have to weather everything (including my bandoliers!). Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Oh, one more thing... I love electronic stuff, and I found a voice modulator system that will work to make my voice higher pitched as a jawa and also to deepen my voice when in TK. I'm already memorizing phrases from the Jawa Trade Language so I can interact with people and actually sound like a real jawa. hee hee... It's one more thing to build, but will totally be worth it. Stay tuned!
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    Troop Name: OZ COMIC CON Troop Date : July 2, 2017 Location: Melbourne, Australia Convention Center DZ - 03016 Jawa
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    I've been unable to log in to the forum with tapatalk the past couple days. I get an error message every time. It will let me access some of the forums while not logged in, but I obviously cannot post or access specific areas of the forums. I have no issues logging in from a browser. Any ideas?
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    Hi ho all; Just wanted to share DZ22372's & DZ37781's good news. We are expecting a new addition to our Jawa family, our little boy Rillo (Jawaese for Dune). OK, not really, but I am making a Baby Jawa and it's name will be Rillo. I have searched hi and low on the Krayt forums for posts on other peoples baby builds, and have found very very little. So I am hoping that this thread will end up being a useful tool (or a host of what-not-to-do points) for others contemplating making a baby Jawa. Anyone who has seen my WiP posts on other forums (501st & others) will already know, my posts are bare knuckle posts, mistakes and achievements alike are posted. Pics are raw as raw can be, no editing done of any sort. What you see is what you get. Anyway, with all that said and done, let's get going. I decided on a 'hard plastic' bodied baby doll as the base for this build, so that all electronics etc could be hidden away inside the hollow head and body. We went to one of the local charity outlets (St. Vincents) and scored this little one for only $3.00. SCORE! Say hello to the disturbingly human looking Rillo (Don't worry 'his' appearance will change - for the better). For the disticly Jawa looking eyes I decided to go with these sealed clear 'white' LED lights. They come in an 8 light chain, but you can easily just cut off the lights you don't require. I changed the on/off switch for a mercury switch. So that way when his mother is carrying him around he can sleep, and when he's required for a photo he can easily be woken up by changing the angle of his recline slightly. The item number form Jaycar for the mercury switch is below. Those puny human eyes just wont do, so I proceeded to remove them and make way for some proper Jawa eyes. 10 seconds with a scalpel and the surgery was completed. Looking more like a prop for a horror story I thought I should quickly get a photo with the lights roughly in place. Since Rillo's mother and father don't have the bubble eyes some Jawas prefer, I decided to give him the flat yellow eyes of his parents. For this I simply used yellow plastic paint/filler scrapers. At this point, I decided the eyes looked a little... large... for such a small head, so I came up with an idea to mount the lights on 2 pvc pipe stalks and extend those stalks ontop of the lights as well, that way the lights ended up in the middle of the head interior, and with the yellow 'caps' on the stalks, the eyes are slightly smaller, and have a 'depth' to the glow. Inside the head is a bit of a mess of wires etc, but hopefully in the pic below you can see the pvc pipe stalks and between them is a 'cheese wedge' of pine wood. This does double duty. It holds the pvc pipes the correct distance apart o the eyes are 'straight' and also holds the mercury switch at a -45 degree angle. So when Rillo is laying down, he is most definitely deactivated. A simple angling of his body however activates the lights, and he wakes up. Baby Alive? Pfft... Jawa Alive! The lights are quite bright and his whole little dome lights up, so I had to give him a permanent balaclava (black Gaffa Tape). I also decided to get him prematurely ready for his adult approval, so I made him a black undersuit as well. Yep, hand made, and sewing machine stitched. This is what happens when a guy finds himself without a PS4 controller for a night. And sitting up, activating the eyes. Seems little Rillo is happy with his new threads too. LOL An access panel cut into his back to gain access to the battery pack for the eyes. And velcro at the back of his undersuit for easy access as well. As soon as the material for his robes and hood arrive, I will get him all suited up. I am going to spray paint and seal his hands black, and if there is enough material, I will wrap his feet and glue on soles from a pair of baby booties/shoes to give him his own Jawa Boots. I also have plans for a speaker in his chest cavity and if everything goes according to plan, a mercury-switched mp3 player that plays the 501st Jawa chatter, when he is 'awake' (eyes lit up). That way he can talk to dad and mum, More updates once the material arrives. We are hoping to debut this little guy at a troop on the 23rd June. Critiques/Comments always welcome. Cheers
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    Finally, after a lot of searching through the WWW i was finally able to track these rare Jawa pouches down. These are original vintage Dutch ammunition pouches as used on the one Jawa that shoot R2D2 and was used in most of the publicity shootings. I still need to find the other pouch used on this specific Jawa, it's said to be a british Colt 1911A pouch! (Anyone knows where to find one, PLEASE let me know!!!) As i am unfortunately not allowed to sell here due to forum rules i can not post in the 'Trading Post' section.
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    Lorelei, I found these leggings at wal mart. They're 95% cotton/ 5% polyester
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    My 4th costume and 2nd for KC... finally in for approval!! Fingers crossed all goes well...
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    Get Pop Cultured Cosplay Celebration, Macon, Ga 7-29-2017 2 hours as a Jawa
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    Requesting access ASAP to get in on the patch run, please! Thanks in advance! Jawa DZ-13175 ACCESS GRANTED
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    Get Pop Cultured Cosplay Celebration, Macon, Ga 7-29-2017 3 hours as a Jawa
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    Thanks mate.. YES~!!! Cleared!!! Very happy with the result!
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    Event 1: ToysRUs Munich, April 2016:
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    Hi Thought I should at least get this build thread going. Current status: I have painted a basic mask and am working on the eyes. I do have a question, how do you know if your eyes are too bright or too dim? I also have been looking for monks cloth but so far the store I thought might have it, didn't, so I'm again hunting for a local store that might have it. I am also working on gloves. I was able to find some nice black fake leather ( can't afford real ones yet) and am sewing those... needless to say the first glove was an absolutely wonderfully created disaster. ( doh!) Attempting another glove. Pictures to follow once I figure out how to post them here. Oh question about the dye, rix I have heard is good and if using that dye, is the dark brown and sunset orange the right colours? 2 brown and 1 orange if I read correctly? thanks and photos to follow eventually hahah
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    Christine. Nice....my first Jawa was in one of those as well, I kept my mask in the shelf on the top so it wasnt crashed underneath. Now you need stickers!
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    Welcome to the sandbox!
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    Hi all, I'm a 501st approved TK in Northern Virginia and I'll be working on Tusken Raider for my 12 year old daughter. When I begin in earnest I'll be sure to post a WIP thread on the forum. So far, I have made a hardened clay form for the head/mask. My next step is to melt some ABS and press it onto the form. I don't have a vacuum form table so I'm kind of winging it. I don't expect it to have specs that will match CRLs but I do expect a certain level of authenticity for my daughter. I'll keep you all posted with my progress!
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    One of my Garrison mates found a really small bin on wheels for their Jawa, so I had to get one, too. It's perfect for everything and takes up very little space! I found mine at Home Depot. It's called a 25 in. Cantilever Mobile Job Tool Box. It's got lots of storage for little repair items, too!
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    Goodluck!!.[emoji106] [emoji106] .. and great waist bandolier [emoji106] [emoji294] [emoji294] [emoji294] [emoji294] [emoji294] Sent from my Andromax using Tapatalk
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    Thank you! Glad you like the pic with BB8. I think my hubby did a good job getting the lighting right in the pics. (His hobby is photography and he's just learning about how to properly light subjects.) After looking at the pics, I noticed that the sides of my robe were longer than the front and back. That's because I cut straight across the bottom of the robe. When the robe hangs naturally, the edges end up longer. Hanging off a hanger, I made rough lines with tailor's chalk to estimate where I needed to trim the bottom in order for the robe to fall evenly along the bottom. Then I went further and added pins along where it looked like the bottom of the robe should be modified. This took a little time to get right. I was trying to keep things even with the center of the robe. And ended up with the bottom looking like this. Then I made a zig zag stitch along where the pins were located, and frayed to that stitch. Which made things look like this: The fraying isn't even along the bottom, but I don't mind at all. It won't be all that visible, actually. What's important is that the robe falls evenly along the bottom now, which looks a lot better! Here's a before and after of the robe while hanging: OMG, yes it does! I didn't notice how prominent it was until after we'd taken the photos. I ironed it down really good, but it still came back. Then I applied extra heavy starch to it (from the inside), and ironed the heck out of it again. Which worked for about 5 minutes, then the fold came back. It's like a horror movie: "The Return of the Monk's Cloth Fold" The only areas that didn't show the fold were where I had applied a heavier coating of paint/weathering. So I took it outside and added more weathering along the fold lines in the front and back. Here's how it turned out: The fold is still hiding in there, but it's under much more control now. Not nearly as visible as it once was. It won't drive me as crazy as it did before, that's for sure!
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    Thanks for posting this! A great way to use my left over material.
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    Welcome to the Sandbox. You will find lots of great, skillful people here ready help with everything so ask tons of questions.
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    Macon Children's Hospital Visit, Macon, Ga 7-21-2017 2 hours as a Jawa
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    VirtualCaitlin DZ-31093 Macon Children's Hospital Visit 7-21-2017
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    Christine I love your Bandoliers! Maybe with your robes make the paint, a little bit thicker as like you have clumps of dry sand on you? Your gloves aka arms hands, not bad at all, I normally see the fur to be less as thick, and you will be hot, even if you do two types. Oh a hint with the fur on the gloves you may find the glue will come unstuck later, hand sewing the fur to the glove I have found to be the best.
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    Ok hood, mask and robe taking shape slowly here's my Jawa so far Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally knocked the new off of my bandoliers! My kids were eager to help me sand the leather. It's nice to have some hands-on assistance! They were a huge help. I forgot to take 'before' pics, but I assure you, these looked super shiny and brand-spankin'-new when we started. I used a combination of acetone with 100 grit sandpaper to rough up the surfaces. Then to help protect the leather, I rubbed everything down with leather conditioner when finished. It wasn't enough to just have them look old, I wanted them to look dirty. So off we went to the only part of our lawn that has no grass. My kids had a blast stomping and rubbing these bandoliers into the dirt. Next to get the rest of the Jawa dirty, too!
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    That's awesome bag... I like it. [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji294] [emoji294] [emoji294] [emoji294] [emoji294] Sent from my Andromax using Tapatalk
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    Thank you so much!!! I've received tips from Leigh and Kanya, and their feedback has been invaluable. Oh, so yesterday while cleaning up my sewing area (fraying is messy business!), I discovered a large piece of scrap monk's cloth leftover from my initial costume cutting. It was long- about 80 inches or so- and about 18 inches across at the widest point where it folded, narrowing a bit at the other ends. I looked at it for a few minutes, and then I had an idea. This would make a perfect Jawa bag! I left the fold at the bottom, and sewed up the sides about 18 inches or so. The long parts of the straps were sewn together at the ends. I zig zag stitched along the lengths of the straps and fringed them. And here's the result! It's just the right size to stash goodies to trade with Imperial Citizens. Or to hide an acquired droid part or two.
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    Hello Solomon and Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your daughter as a tusken.
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    Welcome to the forum..[emoji16] [emoji106] Sent from my Andromax using Tapatalk
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    Hi, ... for small part I usualy use a small pointy paint brush for detailing... but if you want to spray paint it that's ok too (6-8 inches away to spray paint, and using sweep motions)... just be sure you dismantled the small parts and sanded + use primer for better result.(if the part a pvc, abs or resin) Goodluck... and please post a WIP pictures,... we Love pictures [emoji51] [emoji3] Sent from my Andromax using Tapatalk
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    Hi there! Requesting 501st access please! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24374 -Ashley ID61790 501st Access Granted
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    Troop #47 Gail Borden Public Library--Comic Book Mania Elgin, IL USA July 15, 2017
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    Username: educationalpipelayer TKID: 44105 Event:Brikefest Live Day 2 Date: 7-09-17 Costume: Jawa Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ok. tusken has been added to my profile https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19843 Krayt Clan Access Granted
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    At least he's trying... New Ride? Tusken has a new girlfriend...too bad he doesn't know she's cardboard.
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    Our fabric arrived!!! A HUGE thank you to MJ for supplying me with some scraps of old material (that matches Arienh's and mine costume material - which is no longer attainable) so that baby Rillo matches his parents. I got stuck into making the robe and hood straight away. A seamstress I'm not, definitely not... but I managed to knock this out. I was quite happy with myself, but I soon realised the hood was not good enough. I needed to make it 'deeper'. You can see the 'deepness' fail of the hood from behind, and the opening isn't quite right either, I don't think. Even my cat Shadow (short fro Shadow Trooper) wasn't impressed at my fail hood... So back to the grindstone I went... and I knocked out this beauty. This one I am happy with, so it got the full treatment with black lining inside the hood, to make it look even better. From the back you can see the hood is 'deeper' over the shoulders and just... sits better. We needed to do something with his glow-white/flesh hands and feet... so I made him mittens and little Jawa Booties. He also now has a face shroud and voice also. A little speaker located in his stomach and an Ipod shuffle in his back. I used the files provided by TK0580, in this post here. I adjusted the pitch to give them more of a baby voice tone and edited them all into a singular file 25 seconds long and it simply runs on a loop. I'll attempt to add 2 video's to this post also showing Rillo in his working awesomeness. His first troop is tomorrow, so we have only just scraped in with getting him ready. I hope this thread is of use, or even mild entertainment, to even one other member who is thinking of doing the same thing. Cheers. 20170614_164317.mp4 20170623_201639.mp4
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    Hi Folks, Just wanted to say a huge thank you to this community for helping me with my Tusken Raider, i have read so many threads and got some great help & advice from everyone, i just wanted to let you know that i got my Tusken clearance yesterday, so i can now officially play in the sand pit with the rest of my Tusken brothers and sisters. Once again Thank you for all the help, i hope i can give something back to help others as you have all helped me. Ian ...
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    The first time I tried on the whole Jawa costume for approval pics, I was told I needed to do an action shot and my mind went completely blank and this was the result. Someone said it would be funny to put it to cantina music so a few minutes in photoshop and here we go. Just some random silliness!
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    https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/1*vjZLFe6t3RxWsmX2vgbp1g.png 501st Legion Raises $150K and Fully Funds the 501st Legion Make-A-Wish Endowment Atlanta, Georgia, June 1, 2017 — The 501st Legion, the world’s largest Star... View the full article
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    Thank you for that explanation. It's nice to know I won't be excluded from troops if I can't achieve Level 2 for some reason. It's also really nice to know that everyone is equal. Much preferred. Sounds like a good group of people.
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    So here he is at the troop today. My sister called him Tad Cooper since I had not named him yet and it stuck.
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    Greetings Denizens! Just before Halloween, I built a Jawa costume for my daughter, and she was approved by the Galactic Academy. As this was my first Jawa build, this site was a tremendous help in helping my daughter and I complete our costume. We followed M.J.'s build here: Thank you for all of the helpful tips M.J.! My daughter now has the Jawa costume, and I have a Tusken costume. Both of us wanted to be able to replicate our characters sounds. I found some components online that were not terribly expensive, and relatively easy to assemble. We mounted the electronics to a wrist compression glove, and connected the glove to a personal amplifier via mini-mini jack cable. Here is a video on how we put everything together. As you will see at the end of the video, the Jawa costume is small on me, that's my wife's Halloween robe. I can fit in it, but it is short at the wrists and ankles, it was only used here for demonstration purposes. I used sounds from TK0580, he uploaded Jawa and Tusken sounds in one of his posts on this forum. And another member: Kayelbe had mentioned the electronics123.com soundboard in the same post. The electronics123.com site does say that the older board only works with Windows XP, 7, and Vista due to driver issues. The older board also requires special software to upload sounds to the older board. Apparently, there is a new driver update that may alleviate the driver incompatibility. That said, it is pre-assembled, the little speaker that comes with it can be cut off. I chose the other newer board that works on all operating systems and is simply a drag/drop to upload the sounds. It does require a little assembly though. Here is a list of materials and tools: Sound Glove Components from Electronics123.com: 4 button trigger MP3 board: http://bit.ly/2nbvIOT ~$20 9 volt battery clip or holder: http://bit.ly/2my9tRM ~50cents Contact switches x 4: http://bit.ly/2nh8ymW ~$1/each Other components from Amazon: Wrist Compression Glove: http://amzn.to/2nrbuN5 ~$10 3.5mm (1/8") mini to mini cable: http://amzn.to/2mNQQJW ~$2 Velcro: http://amzn.to/2mefpN6 ~$3 Voice Amplifier: http://amzn.to/2mdGTS1 ~$25-$50 Recommended Tools: Scissors: http://amzn.to/2medPeb Small Screwdriver: http://amzn.to/2mx5pPT Needle/Thread or Sewing Machine: http://amzn.to/2mO0QmF PC/Mac USB to micro USB cable: http://amzn.to/2myosv2 Wire strippers Thank you for watching
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    It's in PLA. As it so happens I had an extra of the MK1 spear point printed I wasn't doing anything with so I hope this video helps. Long story short you would actually have to work at breaking them off. You'll here some snapping in the video but the fins held on. The only thing I managed to do was warp them:
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    darthgrace brought up the fact that finding correct teeth may be difficult. It reminded me that each year at the "Chicago Halloween Trade Show" I see a booth run by "Scarecrow Inc." Their entire business is costume teeth. http://www.scarecrowvampires.com They carry all types of pointed teeth, usually in pairs, but there is a "full row of teeth" model titled "Great White" that look quite like Fortuna's. edit: I'm not seeing that exact model on their website, but a search for "scarecrow great white teeth" should result in a few places that have them. I also came across this webite: http://dentaldistortions.com Again, they are all about costume teeth.