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    14 october Community Day at Cineplex theatre peek-a-butiini!
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    Troop #14 Date: 14/10/2017 Location: Sevilla , Spain Conquest Sevilla I - Parque el Alamillo - Jawa
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    Just to have some fun I decided to shove a GoPro into my mask. Here's the result from the Everglades Squad's Star Wars Night with the Florida Marlins. Enjoy. http://vimeo.com/76022573 Comments welcome!
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    may 2017 katie bear picnic fundraiser renfrew ont
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    Looking good! I love my Godzilla. It is a little bit heavy in the front, but i put some weights in the back and all is good.
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    Troop #13 Date: 05/03/2017 Location: Cartama, Málaga, Spain Desfile de carnavales APAFA - Jawa
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    Okay, I had time to get some photos. I'm using a $1 hockey mask and pong balls for the face and eyes. Here is what I had intended to do with the mask: Here is what I got now. I decided to put the eyes on the outside because the cloth was absorbing the glow too much when I tested them with a flashlight. To help support the eyes, I'm using some embroiled mesh that also helps at hiding my mouth. I'll paint it flat black later: I covered the mask in black felt to absorb the light easier. I glued on a block of foam behind the mask to spread it away from my face for better breathing. I also plan on using velcro to secure the cloth onto the mask..... A very rough idea of what I'm going for (I know that the eyes aren't exact here lol): As for the Ion Blaster, I'm using HappyTrooper's tutorial to make it. My dad is interested in putting an actual LED system that will light up when the trigger is pulled: That's where I'm at for now!
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    Thanks! Look for this web. http://ravguns.pl/oferta
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    The end! What do you think?
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    My first ion blaster with a powerpack for my son. It was built of wood, metal, leather and silicone (cable). The holster will be also made of leather. Pictures in next week. Maybe in the future in the blaster I will install light and sound. The premiere will be on October 14 at Star Force in Torun, Poland.
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    Finally to the set of leather holster.
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    Looking really good, i always admire a great build up thread! How did you do the backside of your mask? Did you cut out the marked area and if so how did you do the wrapping there?
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    Hello and welcome aboard. There is lots of help here. Just remember to post those photos and ask questions. Glad you’re here.
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    Hey Mike. Thats good to hear Looking forward to seeing your build
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    I updated to the latest version of tapatalk which was just released about 2 weeks ago. I'm able to login and post again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Forum Name: Rocketman242TKID: DZ-16830Event: LibConDate: 09/23/2017
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    Several changes in the costume jawa. The baby grows and feet with him so I must necessarily have changed the shoes. In addition, I changed eyes in the mask. Now I think they look a lot better.
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    Hi MJ, thanks for the response- I already have my bandoliers, a replica martini Henry and an original Swedish Mauser, I was wondering about a support for the ion blaster I'm asking as it's a bit hefty! Here's some pictures so far- I'd appreciate any advice Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I used 4 different build treads to put this together. And a few of my own ideas. Might add some more to it later on. Want to add some more weathering to it at some point.
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    1. Troop name: Science after dark Date: 1/26/17 Location: Little Rock, AR Costume: Tusken Raider
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    Well here we are September and I Already have 12 troops under my belt and love it
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    This is a pretty popular pattern: http://www.studiocreations.com/howto/tuskenraider/robes.html
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    Hi ya Sarah Oh dont get me started with pleather, working on something completely different to Star Wars, we are not on good terms. You can buy gloves even wooly ones, should be fine. Then when your not in a hurry search for the leather ones fake that is, we have gardening gloves here that are perfect, 5 years later! So sorry with some of build threads that did show how to make the masks, that evil photo bucket stuffed that up. Many have used plastic masks, I use cardboard and touchers. I'm looking into creating a "how to thread" in the future. Dying follow the instructions, make sure you wash before dying, also make sure the fabric is completely soaked or you will get patches through your fabric. Looking forward to your build thread! good luck
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    HI Jennifer, I've just recently made one for a four year old. Its really more the length, I hand sew the bottom so as they grow all they need to do is unprick. The Length of arms you can do the same if you want but I never did. Kids tend to grow up.. no need to widen the seams, it should be pretty baggy to start off with The hoods I did have to think about, as I didn't have the lass measure against.
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    Forum Name: Alaskan_Salmon_Raider TKID: DZ9234 Event: Tanana Valley State Fair - Fairbanks, Alaska Date: 8/6/2017
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    OK, been busy of late and managed to get the helmet completed, i just need to add some weathering to add that desert look, i wish to thank you all for the help and advice you gave me during this build, so here is what it all looked like at various stages of construction. The kit it's self. then i started to cut out the marked area's for the eyes tusks and mouth piece. Then i added the horns with a little piece of material to give the horn something to sit on, so that i wasn't directly biting in to the latex. then i test fitted the tusks so make sure that i hadn't taken off too much material as at this point i wasn't sure how far through the tusk had to go through. At this stage i added the eye's to give me a start on how it would turn out with the goop glue holding it on as i wasn't sure how effective it would be but it turned out superb. so once the eyes were glued on i then added the tusks and hoped that it all looked right, which in the end it did. Then came the part i had been dreading, the mouth, i can now appreciate how difficult it is to get this right as i ended up messing it up and looking for another piece of Material but Adam kindly sent me another piece to replace the part i had messed up, now that is outstanding customer service!!. in the end my fiancee with her nimble little fingers did an outstanding job as i wasn't about to mess up another piece of material and she did an awesome job of getting the mouth to look spot on, in my bias opinion then i added the cheek pieces and it started to look like something. I didn't get much photo's of the leather work as i was so involved in getting it right i forgot to take pictures as i went along, sorry folks but as you will see in the end pictures it turned out OK and i think it looked good, the fun part was doing the wrapping on the helmet, that is what finally brought it together, and it finally started to look like a Proper Tusken Raider lid.
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    Forum: Rainy TKID: 17190 Event: Western Washington University Queer Con Date: 4/29/2017 Costume: Jawa
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    MJ definitely knows her stuff! I followed her posts and input during my build. I was approved through 501st and Legion on first attempt with one minor correction which only involved adjusting how I had my hood sitting on my head!! [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Troop 8 - Blue and Gold Boy Scouts Friendswood, TX. 2/18/2017
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    Hi all, just to post an Imperial Com-link that I made using parts from http://www.reademodels.com Blaster Cylinder Kits that me and my fellow TK ordered online and some parts that I chopped from some rocket toys then I paint it white. It's not even close to a standard Imperial C1 comlink, but I think this will do for now . Cheers! Marcel W.
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    Troop 5 - Rogue One Premire Baybrook Mall Houston, TX. 12/15/2016 Sent from my LG-H631 using Tapatalk
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    Had some more work done on it a couple of days ago. I'm loving it so far, can't wait to add more stuff! Picture taken right before wrapping it up, so it's very red and swollen. I'll get a better picture taking once it has healed. Star Wars sleeve here I come!
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    A few shots at the afternoon a photo session. Now we waiting for droid caller and jon blaster.
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    Don't pay too much attention to those videos...in my opinion they were just done to show how quickly one can put one of these kits together while paying almost zero attention to detail and how it should be put together. Look at the film and photo references as much as possible—you'll see that there really shouldn't be that much material showing under the nose for example—but I suppose it also depends on how accurate you want to get with your mask too....
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    My son with the boots...