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    Greetings All jawa desert dwellers. I will be creating a new thread explaining, assisting, giving hints making your jawa using "Monks cloth". From Dying the Fabric, to which Pattern to use, sewing the garment, including the hints on dealing with an open weave cotton fabric. The "how to make Jawa" will still be relevant, reworking it would take too much time, this one will locked easy to navigate, the photos will not be from photobucket. I plan to have the finished in a couple of weeks though I will need help from our members, that is YOU! I have dyed fabric before though never took photos or wrote up a step by step tutorial, I would love anyone to help me fill in that process for me in the thread. Also in my other thread a member added building of the lights though photobucket has taken that also away for us. So I may ask for assistance with those. I'm looking at a thread to help everyone, since I've been working with monks cloth and knee deep in making jawas, I've been taking photos. I would also like to show how I make the kiddies ones as well. I'm not perfect and I'm just like you, learning along the way in the 8 years I've made major mistakes and If I can help anyone out there making their jawa a little easier ...SWEET. I'm asking for ideas and help, we are a village and I have some incredible builders out there. Any questions or in need of help Please PM me.
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    Did a few tweaks: dyed the dress to darken and improve the color match, trimmed some fur, etc. Very close to approval. Just working to finalize the CRL for this new costume.
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    DZ86400 UK Garrison 'oo..shiny' Pic courtesy of Wayne Allen Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Well.....everything is all wrapped up ! Builds are done and finished all the weathering - apps submitted to 501st and Rebel Legion ! Thanks all for the support of all types (silent & vocal) and the volumes of research and fantastic advice !!!! What a fantastic community I hope to be an official part of soon enough ! Will keep you all posted on my application progress.
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    Greetings fellow Clan members Quite a few of you have some incredible and creative photos in your "Event Threads"! This thread is to give Krayt clan staff the permission to use those snap shots you enjoy taking and we can use them to post up on our Facebook Page. If you have an idea to place with your photo "a caption" or a "funny line", spit it out! we want all our members to help us out to show the world we are pretty dam Awesome! Photos and lines will be posted, if you wish to have your ID number include that also. Please be patient as some will go up, and others may take a little more time Note: please remember some members of the public are not keen on being placed on social media so pick your photos carefully.
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    I have a Darthhair also. Been trooping it since April. I love it. I did the same as Happy Trooper and thebrighton described. I just eyeballed the spikes and used Darthhair how to for building the kit. Air holes are a must. Don’t be shy drilling them. You need them. Will be watching. Any questions let us know.
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    If you are super concerned about horn placement, you could pick up some "handi-tak" and place it on the plastic before you put your wraps on the helmet. That will let you eyeball the positioning, then you could make drill target marks. It may be overkill, but if you are worried about it, it might be $2 well spent. Handi-tak is just some sticky clay-like material that will hold those horns in place. I guess you could use any type of clay or silly putty to hold those horns. In addition to Salmon Raider (who I got some ideas from during my build), I'm watching this build with great interest too!
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    There's no set placing for the head spikes as helmets vary from maker to maker and to what size they're built. They just need to look symmetrical. Drill as many holes as you need to keep cool because as you say they're covered by the wrappings but you'll get hot whatever the weather
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    Good luck Cat! Have fun with your build, looking forward to cruising with you on the Jundland Wastes. For the head spikes, I just eyeballed it and tried to make them somewhat symmetrical. There may be other Raiders here that can give a better answer than I.
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    Congrats! You did a fantastic job and really deserve this honor!
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    Welcome to the forum... utinii!!!. Sent from my Andromax using Tapatalk
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    Sadly nothing about this hobby is easy unless you can make it yourself
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    When we were making the CRL the LMO I was working with wanted to have at least 1 optional instrument listed. When we finally found one (or two in this case) we went live. I'm sure if images for all 5 were given to the LMOs they wouldn't mind updating the CRL to have all the instruments listed, with updated images in this Fanfar situation.
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    Finally I've been approved!... I wanted to Thanks MJ for Awesome Robe and Hood, Thank you very much ma'am... ... and all the member here help with the input etc... Thank youuuu. it's like I'm Winning an oscar or something LOL!!... Woohoo!! I'm DZ-17026. Sent from my Andromax using Tapatalk
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    Badges have been added. Read the first post for directions for how the get the badge added if you have donated. For everyone who already posted here in the past, the badge has already been added for you all.
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    Troop Name: Vienna Comic Con (VIECC 2017) Date: November 18th, 2017 Troop Location: Vienna (Austria) Troop Participants: DZ-20780, DZ-20707
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    Greetings future desert dwellers, (This will be a work in progress, I should have it completed in a couple of weeks) I've been making Jawa's for over 8 years, worked with different fabrics and patterns. I'm now using Monks cloth, here is my updated work in progress. Every thing here is a guide to help you, to give you ideas and help those that need a starting point. I will also draw up a pattern for our younger smaller jawas in our lives. I will be touching base with Dying the fabric in this thread, the one used for these photos is already industrially Dyed. Monks Cloth. Is an open weave fabric normally used for embroidery, shawls and baby blankets, Jawa's can now be added to that list, it is not the fabric used in the movies, the knitted fabric has been difficult to find even for the cleverest of jawas, so monks cloth does come close. In the States it can be found locally, for international members the internet is the best place, below are some links of sellers. Joann fabrics Amazon Fabric.com on line fabric store You can either buy industrially dyed or dye the fabric yourself. The amount to buy? Monks cloth will Shrink 15% width and length. I would tend to buy 7 yards for the average size person. Remember the arms and hood must be added to the length, when measuring to buy. You MUST pre-wash your complete 7 yards of fabric before cutting. (This pattern is my first draft and i will clean it with another soon, the measurements are correct just the drawing maybe iffy) (I do love inches, I will redraw this with both inches and cm's) Someone mentioned my other Pattern with the 60 inch width, that was designed many many moons ago with fabric that was ridiculously wide. Measure yourself from bottom of Neck to ground. Fold over our fabric and cut to that measurement, the pattern in the photo has been used for over 80 jawas and counting. its my own template. Once you've worked out your pattern, use some old Christmas paper you will find that is wide enough to use. Your neck opening, you will need to make sure its wide enough to get your head through and not that wide you will see your cloths underneath even with your hood on. I use a slit with a clip. Sleeves: I used the complete width of the fabric for the average size person around 150cm from neck to ground.. (sorry thats the way I look at it) Again make a pattern, cut only what you need and fold over. (yes its that dam chrissy paper again) fold over the pattern you made and mark the sleeve, remember you folder over the fabric so only one side needs to be sewn together. Before I attach the sleeves to the robe, I cut the edge off the fabric and fray the ends as so And voila! I have my frayed sleeves, remember there are no dangly strings.
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    Looking good! Doing a proper Gamorrean costume has always been on my bucketlist. I look forward to seeing more of your costume updates. By the way, are the Gammorean arms supposed to be covered with fur? I thought it was supposed to be a latex skin-like texture. Also, do the "legs" extend all the way to your thighs or just to below your knees? The "exposed skin" parts are what have me stumped so far since I need to have them commissioned.
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    Tk id:Dz-9033 Event:Albuquerque international Balloon Fiesta 2017 Location:Albuquerque NM Date:Oct 7th, 2016
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    Forum: danscale TKID: DZ-56413 Event: Calgary Expo Holiday Market (Saturday) - Calgary, Canada Date: 25 November 2017 Costume: Tusken Raider
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    Love the chrissy one...will post closer to the day... these are cool! thank you!
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    TI Tro 42070 10/14/17 -In Another Galaxy ,Rochester NY
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    TI Tro 42070 10/14/17 - Star Wars Reads Belmore
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    Macon Mayhem Star Wars Night, Macon, Ga, 11-18-2017 3 hours as a Jawa.
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    Fan Expo 2017 - what a blast. Below: Me on far Left of Photo, Niece in Center, and I think that's a Blum on the right. Was a fun expo even though my Sound system went belly up I still completed two days of trooping in my Jawa. Did the other 2 in my TK gear.
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    Approved for dual access Rebel Legion and 501st - thanks everyone ! Woot ! Or maybe raise your favorite Gaffi stick and say "Hruuh hruuh hruuh !!!"
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    Also not a bad idea, then Muftak (currently in No Detachment Affiliation) could join the KC, and the rest with currently No Detachment Affiliation could fill the ranks in the New Underworld Detachment. Is this all a discussion as the proposed New Detachment, who ever is to be the starting off Detachment Leader, wants an existing costume he/she has, to be moved over to the new Detachment? I am just curious as to why this is even a topic? Why move any of the KC costumes? There are several costumes in No Detachment Affiliation currently, seems more than enough to start off a new detachment with. So I am guessing this has more to do with the choice of Detachment leader, as it does with Costumes in the KC? Or is it more so that all the scum and villainy were added to the KC as a default, and now these types of characters would better be suited in their own Criminal Detachment? KC has things organized rather well as is, seems a shame to make any drastic changes to what currently works well.
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    I have no control over this and personally it doesn't affect me one way or another so I have no opinion. If it affects you and you want them moved have them moved, if you don't want them moved don't have them moved. I am just clearing up any complaints by members here of things unrelated to this that are being blamed on me in regards to the website such as the pictures/designs and stuff and nothing related to this actual new detachment or the moving of characters. I don't want to be blamed (by intention or not) for purposely keeping the design of the site a specific way as to exclude certain characters on purpose. I am just saying it's that way because I can't draw and thus have nothing to change it to. Nobody has ever brought the design up as a complaint before now and it seems that anytime a really sensitive subject like costume detachment changing comes up everyone goes on a witch hunt. I simply want to state I personally have no objections to making any changes to anything on the site as long as the detachment as a whole wants them done. Also, I wasn't venting specifically at you but at everyone as a whole who likes to complain about things like this without realizing that I'm not holding changes like this hostage, it's just because it's never been brought up before or I have asked for help in the past and NOBODY wanted to help and now suddenly it's my fault for not changing it type scenarios.
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    Well the kc was started as a Tusken newsletter and evolved. Its part of the history. So the logo is nice as it is because it has that unique rustic look. Tribal if you will. Eventually the jawas were added. Sort of like when the legion started. As new things were added the logo stayed the same. So its who we are and where we came from. Spit balling is good. Just need to aim more on this new detachment or not. Before the thread trainwrecks. Lol And it has vered a few times.....Admirally.......I know bad jawa bad jawa.....lol
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    You're more than welcome to call me, Bryce They did work for me once I got home... gotta love firewalls and blocking images haha. Either way, looks good! I'll have to go and check out the boot covers for further analysis so thank you! I'll be sure to let you know once I get my Utinni on and get that thread up and running... rather than the "to-do" list it is for me lol. Cheers c[_] <- that's the best I could do as a "glass" haha Bryce
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    As a Snoot(albeit not a super active one as he's such a pain in the A to wear) I'd have thought he was a perfect candidate for an Underworld Det. He's an Informant..a Snitch. He's not native to Tatooine and theres nothing to suggest you wouldn't find him lurking around on Coruscant or Jedha or Naboo passing Intel and informing the Imps on those worlds of odd behaviour by locals. I don't know if we can say he is an Imperial...he seems more the Freelance type and was probably off world as soon as he got paid for the Mos Eisley job. He's similar in some regards to a Bounty Hunter..he works for whoever has the creds..not for an ideology or a cause.Bazine Natal basically serves the exact same function as Snoot in TFA... But it seems the guys who actually own these difficult to place cossies have little say in where we'd like to live. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Why not rebrand keep the Denizens together? I was approved in April and all I have heard from others including many fellow Krayt members complaining about the inactivity on the forum. Why not use this opportunity to grow and thrive as a Detachment.
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    Event 7 10/26/17 Dallas Zoo Halloween Nights
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    For my Bantha Rider, I used Monks Cloth, it's the only way to go, IMO. It drapes very nicely and is well worth the extra cost. Some people use the more "bed sheet" type material that gets wrinkled and just looks cheap. When my buddies' wife sewed my cloth, we basically just folded it over itself, cut a hole in the middle for my neck and then stitched up both sides, leaving two holes open at the top, for my arms. She hemmed the edges around both openings and across the bottom ( about two inches from the bottom so that some fabric could fray, for a better look). It worked out perfectly.
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    Mask finished. And I think it's spectacular. Many thanks to the creator, Ray Nogues.
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    Ok got my latex parts..... I need to make the fat suit fatter I think....
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    The finished costume. It debuted at DragonCon, where we were able to attend a panel by one of the builders about the creation of the original cantina creatures. Working on getting it approved now.
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    Star Wars Day at Lego Discovery Center Atlanta GA 9/4/2017 DZ 29161 Tusken Raider
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    Picked up a Lawn Jawa from Thinkgeek the other day. was 50% off, then painted and weathered it like my gear.. now I have a mini me!
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    Lorelei, I just use a cotton tshirt, this helps absorbs the sweat, and shorts, long black socks....Under armour/Bike gear isn't cheap but designed to help with the heat and cooling. Try on your arms getting little cotton gloves and using cotton socks that have been cut to place your had in. This will be cooler than the nylon long ones and easy to take off and on when you need your hands gloveless .lol
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    One more Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, I donated when I first started, in hopes that someone would reach out to me and help get me set up on the forum (as it was broken for a few weeks). +1 hoping going to right place!
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    DZ7959 and I are on the same page and followed the same overall template on the hood and cloak. While I need to add something to help keep the under cloak affixed in windy weather, it was not at all unmanageable. I'm convinced the design we followed is very close to what you saw on screen.
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    Thanks again for this tutorial, I followed it to the letter, right down to the Shout caps lol. It was so easy to do since you did all the hard work and came out excellent! The only thing I really did differently was using leather instead of vinyl. Sent in my approval pics today and just wanted to thank you again for taking all the pics and all the detail, it made this a breeze!
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    Thanks, Aaron. I agree. I'm interested in seeing what my bottom line will be. It was very unfortunate that two defenseless cans sacrificed their innards so their exoskeletons could become part of the KC.
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    And, we are back... Making A Neck Breather - Continued... Next step was the aluminum rod. I made a mock-up using some rigid Romex electrical wire. I decided on a 30†piece (760 mm) was all that I needed to wrap around my neck and still have enough to bend and insert into the breather. I used a pair of pliers with rubber jaw covers and bent each end around the handle of my hydraulic car jack. The handle is about 1.25†diameter (32 mm) Then I bent the other end, careful to make sure they were facing the same direction and not twisted. I didn’t want to try making the big bend using my neck, so I found the only thing in my garage that had the right size curve, a vintage craftsman bench-top drill press. I covered it with a rag to prevent scratching the paint. Then I bent one side the same way… … and then bent the other side to match. Once the rod was formed, I used the rubber pliers to un-bend the ends until they were aligned, directly facing each other. This is critical so that the rod doesn’t put uneven pressures on the breather and trying to twist is apart Back to the can… I glued little strips of plastic just inside the opening and then glued the whole piece back in place. With the vinyl wrap, this is all I needed to do to it. This also shows the single layer of shoe lace material hot-glued in place. You can see where Tip #3, having an odd shaped opening, would have been easier to align the piece when putting it back on. I used E600 to glue the vinyl to the can To knock the sheen off the vinyl, I used some Testors Dull Cote spray paint, followed by some craft paint dry brushed for weathering using a rust colored paint. The Boss said it needed a little more weathering, so I hit it some more with dark brown and black. How does this look? I had not thought about it before teraxis started his breather build thread, but I agree that other members may be interested in the cost of this hobby and the cost of these small projects. Like Chris, I am also working a tight budget and have been trying to be creative and as thrifty as possible. Let’s see how I did… First can of tomato paste $ 1.00 Second can of tomato paste $ 0.75 Two flare nuts at $2.50 each $ 5.00 Aluminum Rod $ 5.00 Total invested in the breather $11.75 plus tax, not counting cans and caps that we use in our house and I salvaged from recycling. Now Go Forth And Build!
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    Yep, I already barked up that tree. Have a Bith myself and if you saw a group of Bith playing at the 501st Celebration VI Bash....that was me and my group