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  2. Hello and welcome to Krayt Clan.
  3. Hello and welcome to Krayt Clan.
  4. Hello and welcome to Krayt Clan.
  5. Hello and welcome to Krayt Clan.
  6. I have no idea why but I've been locked out of Krayt Clan for at least 12 months.. .. Please don't do this to me again. This Tusken finally has a Jawa in process.
  7. Thank you Gruntsky!
  8. His email is
  9. Hi Ya John and Welcome!
  10. jawa

    Hi ya Norman.. Looking good Just a couple of things. The hood isn't supposed to be frayed at all, you will need to hem it. (I know there was or is a photo of this but its incorrect) Your Hood is sitting wrong because its too big or wide, sew first and see how it looks, thats why it looks a tad floppy at the back. Your bandoleers are Awesome!! Fraying of the sleeves are excellent. Boots are good! If you want to look like you have been rolling in sand go for it, though do remember its sand not dirt. Well done!
  11. Any fellow Denizen going to Comic Con Brussels in Belgium on the 25/26th of February? Not bringing my Tusken though ...
  12. HI ya Chuck and Welcome
  13. Hello Kayla and Welcome! Good to see you here
  14. Welcome to the Clan! Fellow Orlando guy, well Clermont, I hope to see you trooping around soon! I am also building a Jawa.
  15. I got my Darth Hair kit off Etsy I don't know if he offers deals to people who message him directly or not, but I felt the price was reasonable. I also got his Gaffi stick kit. I wish I would have built my own as I feel like the costume is less "made by me" so I may take that project on later, but I want to get some use out of that for now! Also if you message him you might be able to get metal parts as opposed to resin if I am not mistaken. (you can message him through etsy. I forget his contact info.
  16. Nice test photo! I can't wait to see your finished Tusken! The test fit with the undyed monks cloth makes me cringe (only because it is so clean!!!)
  17. Forum: Finntheirish TKID: DZ-13217 Event: Otronicon Date: 1/14/2017 Costume: Tusken Raider
  18. I did a dye test tonight in small scale. Coffee. Drinking strength. Each square was placed in the bath for (left to right) 40, 10, and 5 minutes. Brand of coffee is McDonald's. (I used cafe bustelo for the inner robe. ) I believe that 30 minutes and the paint treatment will cover the needed weathering.
  19. Looking good!
  20. You da man, TF! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Yesterday
  22. I've seen some of the amazing work that you've done in producing Gaffi sticks. I was wondering if you also make the Gaderffii stick that Malakili the Rancor keeper uses? 

    Thanks in advance, 



    1. zihyer


      Hi and thanks for the kind words!

      I probably could.  Is this a screen used prop or fan-created version?  Just wondering what level of accuracy this has.  It looks like i could use the main body, neck and mace head from my existing stick and just craft the end piece there.

      I like the idea.  I just wonder how many of those i could actually sell.  I would need to be able to sell a certain quantity to pay the development and mold creation costs.


    2. Porkins


      I got the picture off the CRL for Malakili. I was thinking the same, the base is the same just different blade. If you happen to make these in the  future I'd like to get one. Thanks for getting back to me! 

  23. So I guess the obvious question is: How do I track down Darth Hair? Is there a member listing that I'm missing?
  24. An outer robe fitting. Started off as 8 yes 4 inches of monks cloth. It is now sized and ready for weathering. Plan to dye with coffee and use paint to dirty it up. No shoulder seams. 2 panels sewn up the back. Second view Your thoughts are appreciated. Almost finished. Once weathering is complete it is on to the darth hair mask.
  25. #36 cinema UGS, Rogue One first weekend on screen (day2) 18 dec 2016 (Paris, France)
  26. #35 cinema UGS, Rouge One first weekend on the screen 17 dec 2016 (Paris,France)
  27. #34 cinema UGS, Rogue One premiere 14 dec 2016 (Paris, France)
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