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  2. While looking for cotton gloves, I found these, but they have stitching on the top like parade gloves. Are these acceptable?
  3. Forum Name: ReelaTKID: DZ-10008Event: BREC Zoo DreamnightsDate: 06/7/2017 Picture Coming Soon
  4. Event #179 Jacob Aucoin Award Ceremony Gonzales, LA, USA June 17th, 2017
  5. Event #178 BREC Dreamnights Baton Rouge, LA, USA June 2nd, 2017 Photo Coming Soon
  6. Forum Name: ReelaTKID: DZ-10008Event: Jacob Aucoin Award CeremonyDate: 06/17/2017
  7. Welcome to the forum... Sent from my Andromax using Tapatalk
  8. Our fabric arrived!!! A HUGE thank you to MJ for supplying me with some scraps of old material (that matches Arienh's and mine costume material - which is no longer attainable) so that baby Rillo matches his parents. I got stuck into making the robe and hood straight away. A seamstress I'm not, definitely not... but I managed to knock this out. I was quite happy with myself, but I soon realised the hood was not good enough. I needed to make it 'deeper'. You can see the 'deepness' fail of the hood from behind, and the opening isn't quite right either, I don't think. Even my cat Shadow (short fro Shadow Trooper) wasn't impressed at my fail hood... So back to the grindstone I went... and I knocked out this beauty. This one I am happy with, so it got the full treatment with black lining inside the hood, to make it look even better. From the back you can see the hood is 'deeper' over the shoulders and just... sits better. We needed to do something with his glow-white/flesh hands and feet... so I made him mittens and little Jawa Booties. He also now has a face shroud and voice also. A little speaker located in his stomach and an Ipod shuffle in his back. I used the files provided by TK0580, in this post here. I adjusted the pitch to give them more of a baby voice tone and edited them all into a singular file 25 seconds long and it simply runs on a loop. I'll attempt to add 2 video's to this post also showing Rillo in his working awesomeness. His first troop is tomorrow, so we have only just scraped in with getting him ready. I hope this thread is of use, or even mild entertainment, to even one other member who is thinking of doing the same thing. Cheers. 20170614_164317.mp4 20170623_201639.mp4
  9. Welcome! Nicely done! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Kinda hard to see but what kind of wraps do you have on your arms?? Def needs to be dirtier like the boots. To me the collar needs to be taller but mines big lol Don't forget the food capsules to but looks good
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  12. Wonderful addition to the group! Nicely done on the costume. I understand the excitement to join! I am also very new. Welcome to the clan!
  13. Welcome to the sandbox!
  14. Hello all! My name is Sam, I was just accepted into the 501st on the 20th and I'm so happy to be here! I've created a 501st approved costume in the past, but this was my first time doing one for myself so I was especially nervous. I made 2 Jawas at the same time, since the fabric is fairly affordable and the sewing is pretty straightforward, so my boyfriend could join me in Jawa shenanigans whenever he'd like. But this is his 3rd 501st costume, so I may be slightly more excited than he is. I have very limited pics of the costume right now, just what I sent to my GML and the weathering wasn't done justice in the full-body so I've also attached the closeup of the bottom that was taken as well. I lurked this forum SO much to get ideas for weathering and ultimately we decided to go light. I was really happy with it! The resources here are awesome and I couldn't have finished without them. I'm actually waiting on a leather satchel-like-thing to wear in addition to my bandolier, but it won't be here for a few more weeks and I knew I could get approved without it! So here I am! Along with the leather satchel I'll be adding a droid caller, my boyfriend wants to make the ion blaster, I'm looking for shiny star-wars related trinkets to hand out to kids, and we have some secret but really cool stuff we're going to build for local appearances! So now that my foot is officially in the door, the real fun can begin!
  15. Requesting Krayt Clan membership, DZ-58202 I'm sorry I posted in both topics...I didn't realize these were two separate things at first. D'oh.
  16. Thank you. <3
  17. We had our own Sandcrawler at the Star Wars Days at Legoland Germany this Year! And even King Jawa on the right
  18. Lorelei, I just use a cotton tshirt, this helps absorbs the sweat, and shorts, long black socks....Under armour/Bike gear isn't cheap but designed to help with the heat and cooling. Try on your arms getting little cotton gloves and using cotton socks that have been cut to place your had in. This will be cooler than the nylon long ones and easy to take off and on when you need your hands gloveless .lol
  19. Requesting Krayt Clan membership! DZ53247
  20. Last week
  21. Thank you all, i had my Bantha Rider cleared just shortly after this too, so two costumes for the price of one can't be all bad. I look forward to putting pictures up after i get to an event, dam work stopping my every chance. Ian ...
  22. Looks good bro
  23. Requesting Krayt Clan and 501st access thank you DZ32174
  24. Whoops! Wrong spot, meant to ask for Krayt Clan Membership as well. I moved over to the right thread.
  25. Event #6 Event: Fantasmazuria Location: OstrĂ³da Data: 17.06.2017
  26. Forum Name: reiner1967 TKID: DZ-16813 Event: 6. Scifi-Day at the Prater in Vienna Date: 06/10/2017 Costume: Jawa
  27. 6. Scifi-Day at the Prater in Vienna, June 10th 2017
  28. Congrats and Welcome Aboard...!
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