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  2. New Jawa from Ontario Canada

    Welcome! And more Jawa's in Ontario? Sweet
  3. Brattie's Journey to Jawa-ness

    Awesome. Well done on acquiring the Dalek! And what is going on with the gunner?! O_O lol
  4. Today
  5. Brattie's Journey to Jawa-ness

    Picked up a Lawn Jawa from Thinkgeek the other day. was 50% off, then painted and weathered it like my gear.. now I have a mini me!
  6. Tapatalk issues

    Same problem, can't log in using Tapatalk it says "LOG IN FAILED There is a problem with the forum. Please contact the admin or try again later" This has been happening for a few days now. Hoping that someone can fix this at the forum. Thank you
  7. Tapatalk issues

    yea' i got the same problem too... only when I'm using tapatalk to log in to Kraytclan forum, .... but on fisd, mepd forum I Can log in using tapatalk with no problem... any admin/member here got some answers?? Thank you.
  8. Yesterday
  9. DZ 41908 and 90112 Troop Tracker

    August 12th & 13th Windsor Comic Con - Windsor, ON DZ 41908 Troops 24,25
  10. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Forum Name: 41908 TKID: DZ41908 Event: Windsor ComicCon - Windsor, ON Date: 8/12/2017 & 8/13/2017
  11. Anybody heard from Dialswiftjustice?

    Why was that thread hidden and locked? What did I miss? I've been in contact with Dustin since then (not about Tusken stuff, mind you)....
  12. I've been unable to log in to the forum with tapatalk the past couple days. I get an error message every time. It will let me access some of the forums while not logged in, but I obviously cannot post or access specific areas of the forums. I have no issues logging in from a browser. Any ideas?
  13. Last week
  14. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    Requesting full access, https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16258 thanks DZ 39549 DONE!
  15. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Forum Name: reiner1967TKID: DZ-16813Event: 15. Sternenkriegertreffen at Bayernpark, GermanyDate: 08/12/2017
  16. DZ-16813 Troop Tracker

    15. Sternenkriegertreffen at Bayernpark, Germany (August 12th, 2017)
  17. Greetings from Illinois!

    Welcome and Tusken are a awesome choice to add to anyone's SW collections!
  18. Hello from Sydney, Australia

  19. Tuskenfire's Event Roster

    Gump City Con Montgomery AL 8/12/2017 DZ 29161 Tusken Raider
  20. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Tuskenfire DZ 29161 Gump City Con 8/12/2017 Tusken Raider
  21. Jawa Baby

    oh my bad haha, i thought it were other files haha
  22. Gamorrean in Jacksonville Florida

    Just as an update, I am awaiting my latex parts. We have built the fat suit but until I get those I am waiting on building the rest. That way sizes match up. <grin> Kevin
  23. Reload the images

    While I can't comment or help with the images, I was able to order the latex parts from Claudio (swtoys on the main 501st boards). He is supposedly shipping them to me this week. Kevin
  24. Reload the images

    Hello everyone, I have the firm intention of becoming a gamorrean guard and I have been following several guides of this forum. I have found that most of the images have fallen and is a shame, because they are very important to be able to guide the new ones in the construction of a gamorrean guard. Could you re-upload the images? The same have been lost forever ... snif. I take time to ask where they have taken the latex parts, as some suppliers no longer respond. I have contacted other manufacturers, but I still have not decided. a greeting
  25. Just starting out

    Well the build is complete and has been submitted for clearence Jawa is also going out again at the weekend
  26. Greetings from Illinois!

    Welcome to the sandbox!
  27. Earlier
  28. Krayt Clan Access (Includes 501st access)

    Requesting access Ryan Butler 11335 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=25576&costumeID=73 Done!
  29. Greetings from Illinois!

    Hi ya Brian and Welcome! Good luck with your Tusken Raider
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