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  2. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    I just re-read the CRL where it says that the hood may show signs of weathering.
  3. Bantha Rider Pattern Assistance

    For my Bantha Rider, I used Monks Cloth, it's the only way to go, IMO. It drapes very nicely and is well worth the extra cost. Some people use the more "bed sheet" type material that gets wrinkled and just looks cheap. When my buddies' wife sewed my cloth, we basically just folded it over itself, cut a hole in the middle for my neck and then stitched up both sides, leaving two holes open at the top, for my arms. She hemmed the edges around both openings and across the bottom ( about two inches from the bottom so that some fabric could fray, for a better look). It worked out perfectly.
  4. Male Tusken WIP

    WOW! That is a lot at once, good luck on it and looking forward to your progress pics.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Stormtrooperguy's 3D printed mask

    Hi Denizens! I joined the Legion in 2003 with a Tusken Raider. Over the years I drifted more toward hard armor (I've made hundreds of sets of clone trooper armor), but I've missed my sand person. This week I had the burning urge to start it up again. First up is the mask. I'm going with 3D printed since it will allow me to share the end result much easier than doing vac formed masks. I started this model a while ago and abandoned it, so yesterday I put some time in and made it printable. I've done 2 draft prints so far, with the third running now. The file is shared here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2595829. It's a work in progress now so print at your own risk. I'll share build progress in this thread as I go.
  7. Poholio's Tusken WIP

    Snapped some pics of the suit components, with and without flash. The Martini Henry and Ottoman follow in the footsteps of Arcturus and Bcarp. They're made it the good vinyl at Joann's. The waist pouches are made of crappy Walmart beige vinyl. There is craft foam backing the flaps and scraps of Sintra glued in the sides for rigidity. The boots are made from cheap Croc style shoes and a pair of khakis cut off and glued on for the legs. They Velcro down the inside of the leg and the seam is hidden with small flaps overlapping and a ribbon of duck to wrap around the leg. The neck is closed with Velcro. The robes have been dyed and the inner robe assembled. Still need to sew up the outer and do some weathering. Still not happy with the amount of weathering on the mask, so I'll probably dirty it up more. Still need to make the gaffi as well, likely using a variation on HappyTrooper's awesome build. Thanks for looking.
  8. Lorelei's Jawa Build

    Family issues and illness, but I want to get back on track. The robe came back from the alteration shop and it looks good. When I weather this, should I weather the hood, too?
  9. Poholio's Tusken WIP

    Looks good. Can’t wait for the finished product. Good job.
  10. Last week
  11. Poholio's Tusken WIP

    It's been a while, but I am nearing completion on this build. I hope to have it done for a costume party next week. Since the Photobucket fiasco I kind of felt a lack of desire to do as much documentation of the build, and as a result I took barely any pics of its progress. I decided to switch over to imgur and I went back through this thread and updated all the links, so hopefully the pics show up again. Anyway, here are a few pics I took over the last few months of the build, as a preview. This was my first rough attempt at the head wraps. They are khaki duck cloth, and this mock up made me realize this fellow's forehead was too short. I ended up adding some strips of foam mat to give it some height. Here is a more finished view, with the foam build up of the forehead. I will add more pics of the finished pieces as I take them and get some of the full suit as well.
  12. Godzilla Mask

    Sorry for the delay but theses are the best i can get from my phone and my Fiancee has my camera at the moment. if can be of help just ask away. Ian ...
  13. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Forum: belen TKID: DZ13373 Event: Visita Hospital Materno Infantil . Granada - España Date: 04 / enero (january) / 2017 Costume: Jawa
  14. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Forum: Yolimalaga / Jota / belen TKID: DZ66966 / DZ66066 / DZ13373 Event: Quesada solidaria. Jaen - España Date: 11 / marzo (march) / 2017 Costume: Jawa / Tusken Raider ANH / Jawa
  15. Warren's Event Roster DZ 78140

    #10 Warren Event Roster September 16, 2017 Star Wars in the Park Movie Night Georgetown, TX DZ- 78140 Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  16. DZ-21082 Jawa on duty!

    Troop #15 Date: 17/10/2017 Location: Málaga , Spain Semana Voluntariado UMA - Jawa
  17. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Forum Name: Kite_the_world TK ID: 21082 Event Name: Semana del voluntariado UMA Event Date: 17/10/2017 Costume: Jawa
  18. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Forum: Yolimalaga / belen / Jota TKID: DZ 66966 / DZ 13373 / DZ 66066 Event: Concierto Benéfico " El despertar de la Música" a favor de la Asociación Española contra el Cáncer AECC. Lanjarón (Granada) España Date: 4 / marzo (march) / 2017 Costume: Jawa / Jawa / Tusken Raider ANH
  19. 2017 Trooping Incentive Program - The Memorial Troop

    Forum: Yolimalaga / Jota / BWilliams TKID: DZ 66966 / DZ 66066 / DZ 19681 Event: Cabalgata de Reyes a favor de AVOI. Málaga - España Date: 5 / enero (january) / 2017 Costume: Tusken Raider Female / Tusken Raider ANH
  20. Male Tusken WIP

    Wow. I was dyeing today too and I thought I had it rough. 45 yards. Wow. I can imagine. That’s a lot of fabric let alone coffee and tea cooking. Can’t wait to see what you make with it.
  21. Warren's Event Roster DZ 78140

    #9 Warren Event Roster October 12, 2017 Star Wars Live performed by the Austin Symphony at the Long Performing Arts Center Austin, Texas DZ-78140


  24. Jawa...for my son.

    The last ... Jawa.
  25. Unanswered ANH Photos

    You find some photos and two tables on this page: http://www.kraytclan.com/forum/topic/4390-id-that-tusken/ where we discussed and summarized the results, based on the movie. We found that the bantha riders had masks B and C in scenes 2,3,4,5. There are still some things that are unknown and/or open for discussion.
  26. If you have any of these images please post them. I will have mine up later this evening. I am finding a couple visual guides and other texts that show ANH tuskens with 2 crossed chest bandoliers. They appear to be Bantha riders (no outer robes), however CRL indicated Bantha riders have 3. Can it be argued Bantha Riders have 2 crossed 1903s and only a waist sash? Looking forward to hearing your discussion on the topic!
  27. Hey folks! I am trying to decide what pattern to use for the bantha rider robe. I am thinking about using the Studio Creations pattern and leave the arms open. Is this the best pattern or are others better out there? Also, what fabric is best to use? It looks to me that the robe is the same fabric as that of the ANH tusken OUTER robes? Is this the case, and what is your feedback? Thanks guys! As soon as this is settled I will be posting my progress thread!
  28. DZ-21082 Jawa on duty!

    Troop #14 Date: 14/10/2017 Location: Sevilla , Spain Conquest Sevilla I - Parque el Alamillo - Jawa
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